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Since the digital revolution at the end of the 20th century, information technology has been making our lives easier both at home and at work. The emergence of digitalisation not only allows industries to automate, optimise and modernise their structures, it is also a hotbed for innovative business ideas. This also applies for the idea behind the examio learning platform.

Learn successfully with interactive online courses

The idea was born when both founders were still studying. Very complex lecture contents and a lack of adequate exercise tasks paved the way then for examio’s business model today - in additional interactive web-based learning option.

Since 2006, the company has been addressing the question of how best to present high-quality learning content online. At the beginning, the company only offered self-learning products. In the years that followed, examio expanded its portfolio. Our motivation to get the maximum out of the options presented by the Internet led us to come up with other learning methods. Since 2013, we also supply live webinars as an additional learning method on the seven different learning platforms that the company now operates. Interested parties can choose here between three types of webinar. We offer additional basic courses with examples, intensive courses for topics in the shape of a series of webinars that last several days and crash courses. Users have the opportunity of booking online courses and webinars as a subscription or purchasing these separately. However, it is important that the company sees its e-learning courses as complementary learning methods and not as substitutes for traditional classroom lessons.

With more than 60,000 customers, examio has become one of the largest German e-learning suppliers. In online courses, experienced lecturers explain complex topics understandably and clearly. examio consistently pursues a teaching concept that is based on a mix of media and the highest possible level of interaction: Whilst knowledge is taught by means of videos, texts and exercises, the learning system offers students interactive support with the intelligent task selection function. Weekly webinars and exam courses with a correction service round of the range of courses available for perfect exam preparation.

The portfolio of online courses by examio currently comprises the following offers:

examio - The virtual classroom

The virtual classroom

The edudip next webinar room is used for the live webinars. It serves as a virtual classroom in which the participants and lecturers meet to learn together. The various functions of the virtual classroom make it possible to design diverse and interactive live learning events, and ensure an optimum and promising learning experience in connection with the other learning methods available from examio. Recordings of the webinars are permanently saved in the participants’ accounts and are available for calling up.

examio - The virtual classroom

The edudip next Webinar API

Thanks to the edudip next Webinar API, the webinar room is integrated deeply into the learning system and the examio platforms, and is an important and central part of the successful concept of the company. However, this interface does not just serve seamless integration of the webinar room, but also ensures simple and uncomplicated management of courses, participants and lecturers. The API works in the background and allows examio to create and plan webinars that are integrated into the respective learning platforms, carry out participant registrations and manage lecturers.

examio engages lecturers and experts for the respective teaching fields from various cooperations with publishing houses and institutes. The in-house didactic team offers onboarding support to lecturers who are unfamiliar with handling online teaching methods to ensure that the webinars are complete successes both from a technical and also content-related point of view.

In addition to the external use of the webinar software for learning videos and live webinars, examio also uses the complete solution for in-house recordings. For instance, data protection training courses, if records are required. The recordings are then made available in the internal media library.

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