Online seminars and CRM interface at Jung Pumpen GmbH

Jung Pumpen is one of the leading companies in wastewater technology when it comes to pumps and lifting units. As an additional pillar in its seminar offering, the company offers online seminars via edudip next.
As part of its marketing activities, Jung Pumpen has been conducting seminars and training courses for decades, both at the plant and at customers’ premises. The focus is on professional development and customer loyalty, especially now during the protective measures due to the Covid19 pandemic.
The company looked at the question of how online seminars could be offered as an additional pillar at an early stage of its seminar program. The idea was to use online seminars as a teaser so that the face-to-face seminars would attract more attention. Participants can get a first impression of the quality of an event in webinars and become interested in learning more about what is on offer.

Easy access for webinar participants with edudip next

Around 2012, Jung Pumpen GmbH first thought about offering online seminars. At that time, the offer of webinars was still relatively limited and not very transparent. But with edudip there were already shortcuts, the webinar software convinced with its modular structure and low costs. Relatively quickly, edudip next was followed by a more professional appearance via the white label version, a public webinar platform in the company’s own corporate design.

edudip next is the ideal webinar solution for Jung Pumpen with many interactive features and various possibilities for application. In addition to the classic presentation, the option to insert videos and the active use of the chat, which can also be switched to private if required, were convincing.

Competition among manufacturers in the industry is fierce, given the enormous range of events on offer. All the more important when choosing a suitable software, was a system that is easily accessible to the target group and simply works well.
— Marco Koch, Sales Promotion Team Leader, Jung Pumpen GmbH

Change from business platform to edudip next

Through an internal conversion of the customer relationship management system at Jung Pumpen GmbH, the team of Marco Koch was challenged to find a new seminar software. The desire to integrate edudip’s webinar software was quickly expressed.

The change to edudip next enables the exchange of customer data with the CRM software. In this system, employees from the “Seminar Management” area are created as an ADMIN. By integrating the REST API of edudip next, the webinar participants are now also added here. It was crucial that as many activities as possible can be created via the CRM system and the API then handles the data exchange.

Thanks to the new interface, all administrative activities can be carried out from one system. The external impression is thus significantly more professional and also complies with the company’s CI/CD specifications. For all participants, the activities are thus more transparent.

The data on seminar participation in terms of participant numbers and events can be statistically evaluated for internal purposes with edudip next. In addition, Jung Pumpen’s sales force can quickly and easily view the extent to which customers are invited to a webinar or have participated.

Not convinced yet? Then test edudip next now for 14 days free of charge.

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