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Whilst webinars were relatively unknown a few years ago, more and more companies from a wide range of sectors are discovering the advantages of webinars for themselves, their customers and employees.

The possible usage of the edudip next webinar software is as diverse as they are promising. Both internal and external use offer completely new ways for companies. Complemented by the edudip next Webinar API, companies have the option of seamlessly integrating their webinar offers into their website or application and offer interested parties a consistently individual webinar experience.

Interhyp AG, Germany’s largest broker for private construction financing, which has been a customer of edudip GmbH since last year, is considered the best example for both the use of the webinar software and the integration of the interface.

As the leading broker of private construction financing in Germany and the associated quality standards, Interhyp AG attaches great importance to internal personnel development and the training and further education of external brokers and partners. In addition to the B2C division, the B2B business is represented by the 100% subsidiary Prohyp GmbH, which currently supports around 7,000 individual brokers and institutional partners across Germany on a regular basis. Since the brokers and partners have very heterogeneous levels of knowledge with regards on building finance advice and corresponding work processes, the Prohyp Academy was founded at an early stage in order to promote a universal advisory standard among partners. The Prohyp Academy initially offered face-to-face training across Germany on various topics related to mortgage advice.

Courage to accept change

Last year it was decided to reopen the Prohyp Academy. Instead of offering pure face-to-face seminars as before, blended learning courses should be used in the future. The company understands the term blended learning to be a didactically sensible combination of e-learning offers to prepare or follow up on specialist topics and face-to-face seminars to expand practical skills.

The minimization of travel, time and costs is just one of the many advantages compared to face-to-face seminars, which was decisive for the decision to include webinars in the offer. In principle, however, webinars are seen as complementary and not as a substitute for classroom training.

edudip next – An optimal solution

After initial experience with other webinar software providers, factors such as stability, simplicity and interaction were decisive in the selection of a suitable provider. In order to make webinar participation as uncomplicated as possible for people without uniform IT administration, the technical aspect and simple design were particularly important. With edudip next, a browser-based webinar software that can be used immediately without installation, the optimal solution was found for a new set-up of the Prohyp Academy.

Seamless integration thanks to edudip next Webinar API

Interested parties of the Prohyp Academy can select between fee-based specialist courses and free application training courses.

In the case of the free application training courses, participants are forwarded directly to edudip’s webinar landing page which greatly simplifies the administrative process.

If the interested parties opt for a fee-based webinar, the purchase process is handled by a third-party provider and the customer is forwarded to a learning platform (Blink it). A direct link to the webinar link is available on the learning platform.

We appreciate the simple registration process for our customers enormously!
— Maik Seyffert, Director Training, Interhyp AG

Interhyp AG also uses webinars internally for personnel development. Depending on the scope and type of content, a decision is made on the respective form of knowledge transfer. Webinars are currently used for various topics, for example for different qualification series, individual in-depth specialist topics, coaching sessions or also to introduce new software programs. In most cases, further e-learning is made available before or after the webinars, e.g. in the form of digital scripts or web-based training.

Like classroom seminars, we also need employees for webinars that manage the administration and act as online trainers. The trainers of the Interhyp AG and selected sales staff of the company Prohyp GmbH are responsible for the webinar contents. The participant management and course management are supported by a sales assistant. The technical aspects were accompanied by an E-learning specialist and the technical support.

By regularly collecting feedback from Prohyp partners, ongoing evaluations of the webinars and further training opportunities for live online trainers, the company ensures that its webinar offerings are continuously and and optimized for subject-relevance.


Goals, success & outlook

The new concept of blended learning was primarily implemented by Interhyp AG in order to offer partners in the B2B area high-quality qualification opportunities to make independent brokers even more successful.

In the long-term, the company believes that the use of innovative training methods will lead to a stronger attachment of partners and increase the construction financing volume of brokers. At the same time, the finance brokers can improve their position in the market by means of the enhanced consulting quality.

Based on the previous statutory training obligations for insurance brokers, estate agents and property managers, the Interhyp AG also assumes that these obligations will be extended to include property loan brokers over the next two to three years. The company is now fully prepared for these potential changes, and this is something that Prohyp partners can profit from.

Not convinced yet? Then test edudip next now free of charge.

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