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2 in 1 through simplest API integration

For training companies, two things are important when it comes to online training: on the one hand, of course, the perfect and technically smooth implementation of their webinars, and on the other hand, a uniform presentation and administration that maps online training offers and face-to-face training equally.
Since 2006, SEMCO Software Engineering GmbH has been developing cloud-based management solutions for education providers of all types and sizes, from local language schools to corporations that organize training for their own employees, service partners and end customers. In the transition to online training, many of SEMCO’s customers found it necessary to work with two tools: external webinar software and the SEMCO management solution. Of course, this would mean that data would have to be created and maintained in two systems and therefore contradicts SEMCO’s mission to map all of its customers’ business processes in one system.

Accordingly, the search for a cooperation partner with whom this mission could also be realized in the coexistence of presence and online educational events was a top priority in SEMCO’s development projects this year. And that’s how the company came to edudip GmbH. Thanks to the Webinar API, the integration of edudip next into SEMCO was smooth, creating the best conditions for offering all-around successful online training for SEMCO’s customers.

Customer safety as top priority

Since a large proportion of SEMCO’s customers are primarily active in B2B business, the topics of general security and data protection had top priority when selecting the software provider with whom the company wanted to tackle the first integration of a webinar solution. In addition, the selected solution had to be cloud-based, like SEMCO itself, since the installation of third-party software on company computers is strictly prohibited in the vast majority of medium-sized and large companies. As a German company with 100% DSGVO-compliant data hosting in German data centers and a provider of cloud-based software, edudip GmbH convinced SEMCO in this regard as well as in the stability and quality of the webinar solution itself. “With edudip GmbH, we immediately had an optimal feeling in all respects.” Solution Manager Joachim Fuchsluger sums up this impression for SEMCO GmbH. So the way was clear for the project of integrating the two software solutions made in Germany!

Successful implementation: edudip next and SEMCO in one system

Thanks to the compatibility of the edudip API with the SEMCO interface, the integration of edudip next into SEMCO could be implemented within a short time. For the daily practice in educational companies, this means that all data required for the implementation of a webinar can now be exchanged easily and in real time between edudip next and SEMCO. The entire booking process and trainer administration – also for webinars and online training – takes place in SEMCO. Whenever training parameters change, for example because a trainer needs to be changed or course times change, these changes are reliably and automatically synchronized with edudip next. In short, the integration of edudip offers SEMCO customers the best prerequisites for an online training experience that is equally inspiring in its delivery and management.

Projekthaus GmbH would no longer want to do without edudip next and SEMCO

Projekthaus GmbH in Bremen has been conducting special training courses in the areas of gas technology and plant safety since 1997. In addition to gas supply companies, such as local municipal utilities, large industrial companies are among the seminar provider’s main customers. When the digitalization of the business processes was due in 2015, SEMCO GmbH was chosen as the software partner. This enabled the company’s administration to be quickly modernized and streamlined.

Due to the Corona-related cancellation of their face-to-face events in March 2020, Projekthaus GmbH was additionally faced with the challenge of switching to online training quickly and securely at the same time. The requirements for the required webinar software were clear from the outset due to the high security and data protection standards of their customers: On the one hand, a solution had to be found that did not require installation on the customers’ hardware. In addition, GDPR compliance and data hosting in German data centers had to be guaranteed. In a market dominated by American providers, the search for such a software provider was almost like squaring the circle! But with edudip GmbH, a company was finally found that precisely met all the requirements of the Projekthaus and its customers.
For our customers, this means that edudip next can be integrated into SEMCO in just a few minutes, and webinars can then be created and managed in SEMCO as easily as classroom courses or in-house training.
— Joachim Fuchsluger, SEMCO Software Engineering GmbH

Tanja Thran, seminar organizer at Projekthaus GmbH, describes the integration of edudip next into SEMCO, which has now taken place, as the “next logical step”. With it, the company succeeded in consolidating the implementation and administration of its seminars in a single system. No wonder, then, that Projekthaus GmbH can no longer imagine working without edudip next and SEMCO!

Authors: Francesco Cassano, Joachim Fuchsluger
Publisher: SEMCO Software Engineering GmbH
Picture credits: SEMCO Gmbh, edudip GmbH, Projekthaus GmbH

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