Successful webinar business: Erste Bank

In recent years, webinars have grown in popularity and are increasingly being offered in companies for a wide range of possibilities. Years of extensive experience have made edudip one of the first addresses for large, small and medium-sized companies since 2010. Security, simplicity and efficiency are edudip’s main priorities so that companies and new customers can be won over with excellent presentations.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Erste Bank Austria has joined our many satisfied corporate clients and is an excellent example of how webinars can be used successfully in companies with little investment in manpower or equipment. A separate existing meeting room that meets all the technical requirements is used.

The webinars are prepared and managed by Felix Aicher of the DirektDepot securities team. As the person in charge of the ‘webinar’ field, he sees the clear advantages offered by webinars: “We reach people where they currently are, and can interact and teach them very easily.”

Felix Aicher describes below how the Erste Bank became a customer of the company edudip GmbH:

The Erste Bank Austria is the premium institute among the Austrian building societies and a classic universal bank for private and business customers. Be it checking accounts, investments or company financing, each customer is in good hands with us. With a headcount of 15,500, we are available to more than 1,000 branch offices and also more than 3.5 million customers online.

In the DirektDepot team we take care of online direct trading of securities. This means that independent customers who make their own decisions trade on our platform and we help with the technical processing of their orders. It is very important to us that our customers and all potential customers have enough information; because it has been proven that investors who are well informed about securities and trading options develop better portfolios.

On the search for new, innovative and secure technologies within Europe, we came across edudip. As a bank, security plays a very important role for us. Both data transmission and also data security must comply with European standards. In addition to the attractive test platform, the level of security was a further important factor for contacting edudip.

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The biggest challenge for our academy was to implement the corporate design with edudip as precisely as possible. As a bank, we attach great importance to the uniformity of our corporate identity which was why we worked with the edudip design team to find a solution that met our requirements. As soon as these steps had been completed, the Academy was immediately embedded on our pages and tested. We carried out the first webinars as soon as everything was online. Thanks to the longer test phase, everything worked flawlessly right from the outset.

We hold regular webinars on a wide range of topics relating to securities with the aim of provided support in a simple way. As both we and the investors profit from the greater know-how, we are currently offering our webinars free of charge. You can send us an e-mail with questions about our product range to our separate academy address at any time.

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