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02.12.2021 | Tips and Tricks

Whether webinar support, basic training or extended IT and technical support, with our new onboarding packages you are ideally positioned for an even faster and easier start with edudip next.

Personal communication always comes first when providing comprehensive support to our customers. Our support staff is there for you at any time during normal business hours by phone or e-mail with advice and action. 

Would you like a little more?

Despite the simplest application and intuitive user interface of our webinar software, customers often wish for even more extensive support. This is why we came up with various additional support offers, which we have now bundled together for you in our new onboarding packages.


Webinar support

The webinar accompaniment, also known as VIP support, can optionally be requested by edudip next customers for important events from our sales department.

The webinar accompaniment includes the following services:


  • VIP hours: Webinar accompaniments are possible during edudip business hours from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. Your personal support contact can be reached exclusively for you on a fixed telephone number.
  • Duration: The duration of a webinar accompaniment is limited to 2 hours. For longer events, webinar accompanimemnts can be combined.
  • Planning: A webinar accompaniment must be booked with our sales department at least 7 days before the webinar date.
  • Technology check: Every webinar support includes a technology check. This takes place individually and is part of the webinar support. The standard time for the technology check is around 15 minutes.
  • Services: The webinar companion is exclusively there for technical assistance and does not take on any tasks related to the content of the webinars. The webinar companion can attend the webinar (as co-moderator or passive participant).
  • Debriefing: Upon request, a short meeting with the organiser can take place after the webinar.


Basic training

Are you and your team new to the online world and want to get started right away? Then our basic training is just right for you! During training, which is specially tailored to you and your needs, we will explain the features and options of edudip next to you in detail. In addition to valuable tips on using the software, we are also happy to provide you with helpful knowledge ​​from the area of ​​online training.


  • Duration: The duration of the basic training is approx. 2.5 hours, additional hours can optionally be booked.
  • Group size: The basic training is designed for up to 5 people, additional people can be booked as required.


Extra support contingent

The integration of the edudip webinar API goes beyond normal customer support. The extra support contingent is aimed specifically at customers who need support with technical implementation and who may not have the necessary IT skills in-house. The support contingent includes a personal contact person and IT specialist and can be used as required for assistance in setting up the API or for personal participant and technical support.


Decide on a webinar accompaniment, basic training or your personal support contingent and book the optimal service as a single or complete package. Do you need more details? Contact our sales department for individual advice on: +49 241 916050 or write to sales@edudip.com.

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