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Webinar: Instant Confidence

Instant Confidence

In Personality > Self-management

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Imagine how your life would be if you were confident in any situation you´d find yourself in? How would it differ from now? What could you achieve?

Why not join me in a voyage of discovery of your life to unleash your potential and by eliminating the blockages that have held you back thus far.

You will gain

• a sense of peace
• achieve more success
• more satisfaction
• more authentic communication in your relationships
• greater control of your life

This interactive Webinar is not about teaching you new behavioral responses which you apply over a period of time but rather will make you familiar with specific tools that will address the cause of your luck of self confidence or self esteem. It will help you to discover your blockages, help you to address them one by one and even eliminate their influence on you. The result, as you change from the inside out so will your life.

Total length of this webinar: 2 hours.
The first part (approx. 1 hr) will be run as a webinar and to be able to better interact with you, the remainder will be conducted as a telephone conference. (Local phone-in numbers for most countries can be provided. Please check out the document section to see if your country is included. Telephone costs are no more expensive than phoning from a local landline.)

Included in the webinar fee is my eBook with the same title, audio recordings of specially designed tapping rounds in mp3, as well as 30 day email support.

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