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Webinar: Emotional Therapy in Chinese medicine

Emotional Therapy in Chinese medicine

In Health, Medicine > Healing practices

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This course is informing you about the treatment of emotional disorders by applying a characteristic method coming from the field of Chinese medicine psychology.
The Emotion inter – restriction therapy is an ancient systemic method which is related to the field of Emotional Therapy, in Chinese called as Qing Zhi Xiang Sheng Liao Fa (情志相胜疗法).
Based on the generation and restriction process of the five elements, we can learn how to balance our emotions. It works accordingly to the principle to restrict and control an unbalanced emotion by focusing on another emotion and its functions, to help us to relieve stress and blockages in our mind.
The aim is to first learn about ourselves to receive an understanding about functions and qualities which appear caused by an unstable or excessive emotion and how to find balance using the system of this Emotional Therapy.

The course is based on teachings by Chinese Medical Universities for bachelor degree students majoring in Chinese medicine study.

Tim Vukan, the founder of Wushan TCM and lecturer of this webinar, is one of the few foreigners who completed his more than 10 years of Chinese medical long term education directly in China!

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