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Webinar: How to Make the Most Out of Your Next Networking Event

How to Make the Most Out of Your Next Networking Event

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Slava Jefremov


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In this week's webinar, I have the honor to welcome my special guest, Slava Jefremov.
Slava is a serial entrepreneur & networker with a passion to create extraordinary lives for those around him. He is a former team communications member of the Presence Switzerland at Sochi Olympics and currently acts as Country Manager at one of the top 5 UK startups.
Slava loves giving speeches and eating Swiss ice cream.

In this 60-minute live webinar, you will learn:

- Why Selecting the Right Event Makes All the Difference
- How to Set Yourself up for Success Before the Event
- 3 Things You Must Always Have with You
- How to Use the Bar & Catering to Your Advantage

The webinar starts on Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 at 7pm CET.
Space is limited, register now.

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