Webinar: System Design using Metamodels

System Design using Metamodels

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Understand your System Domain - System Design using Metamodels

Models, esp. Metamodels are important to understand your business domain. They are important to sharpen your technical specification. They enrich the semantics of your specification objects by having them semantically connected. Metamodels answer the questions on what and how a specification content has to be designed. Metamodels lead you to multidimensional specifications due to the fact that a relationship dimension has been added.

The topic sysML/UML Metamodels covers the questions.
what are sysML/UML Metamodels
how they are made
why they are important
which areas of business are typical.

I will express how sysML/UML-Metamodells can be used as glossary and specification foundation for systems and architectures. In connection hereby, it is shown how abstractions can be helpful.
I also express that Metamodels can lead to an early focusing in an project that follows agile process models without committing to certain solutions too early.

Examples are:
- Semantic Glossary for Business Domains (Domainmodels)
- (ICT) Enterprise Architecure Management
- Platform Design for (ICT) Systems
- Abstract specification foundation for (ICT) Systems (e.g. for agile process models)

If you want to become active in the webinar, please see the 4 minute introduction before the Webinar.

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