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Webinar: We support your healing hands - webinar for therapists of all kind

We support your healing hands - webinar for therapists of all kind

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How many of you want to increase the efficiency of your treatments?
How many of you have clients with with chronic or multiple symptoms?
How many of you have clients who are very ridgid in their ability to respond on your therapeutic impulses?

How would it be for you if you could save time and energy during teatments?
How would it be to get better and more sustainable results?

Out of my own - now over 25 years therapeutic
life I will present you one way - not a cure-all of course - but something which has been a great support for my clients and myself as well.
Looking forward meeting you all in the webinar space on Wednesday evening!
For those of you who want to dig deeper afterwards and don't want to be limited in putting questions on the 45 minutes we have here - you are more than welcome to pass on your skype id to me, because there will be a question and answer group call via skype after the webinar.

Looking forward to be in exchange with you all.
LoL and blessings.
Have an awesome week ahead!

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