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Webinar: Mentor Training Part I: Theoretical basics for mentors

Mentor Training Part I: Theoretical basics for mentors

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Dieses Webinar wurde noch nicht bewertet.

Due to the nationwide demand, the mentor training now also takes place as an online event.


--> Part I: Theoretical basics for mentors (1h)
Part II: Methods for the arrangement of mentor-mentee-cooperations (1h)
Part III: Q + A session (1h)

All parts build on each other, but can also be booked separately.

Part I: Theoretical basics for mentors

• Responsibilities of mentor and mentee
• Differentiation between mentoring and coaching
• Optimization of the individual learning process
• Learning explained – models essential for mentoring will be presented
• Which learning mode is suitable for the optimal development of your mentee?
• Understanding and beneficial application of ambivalence in change management
• Assessment of personal authority

Objective: Profound background knowledge facilitates the proper arrangement and application of typical mentoring dynamics. You thereby improve your certainty regarding the evaluation of potential scenarios.

Please find the next parts of the course in my academy.

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