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Webinar: Joulense 1 - the sonar for visually impaired people

Joulense 1 - the sonar for visually impaired people

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We aim to roll out a product that in its 1st version detects obstacles above the blind cane and towards 10 m.

Joulense 1 is a standalone relatively cheap wearable device for the world market.

We like to introduce this device in a small presentation.

Why we are doing that?
We aim to help visually impaired people with the possibilities of modern IT and electronics. This is a 1st product, but then vision covers much more.

How we are doing that?
We have 2 options, Sonar or Radar. We have begun with Sonar. All is developed on the base of Arduino.

Currently we are searching organizations or groups, who want to go with us under a Proof of Concept to test this device.

A flier is in the documents folder for download.

I like to see you in the webinar.

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