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War, Violence and Destruction - How do we exit the bubble

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Klick on the picture above for a 4min. Info-Video with Prof. Franz Ruppert.
In this webinar Franz Ruppert and Vivian Broughton talk about the understanding of what identity really is. The knowledge of what identity is and what it is not can help us improve our live, improve our relationships.
And so we look on what is happening in the world under the question of identity. How much is that, what we see, the wars, the terrorism, the refugees, the destructiveness in our relationships - what has it to do with identity?
And Franz Ruppert want to look at it in 4 different levels:
1 the political level where we have all this issues between countries with all this wars, Ukraine, Syria in the moment,
2 economic system, what does it mean that we are so competitive, this is also a sort of destructiveness,
3 the human relationships, specially between male and female,
4 the relationships between parents and children, because also the family can be a war zone,
And then we look at one important thing: to distinguish between Identity and Identification. Here Franz Ruppert sees a key problem, the identifying with something like religion, country, family etc instead of having ones own identity.
So we want to discuss, how much the understanding, the knowledge of identity can help ourselves and also our communities to become less destructive.
Franz will talk about this ideas and will be happy to get your questions and discussion.
Prof. Franz Ruppert, Psychotherapist from Munich, Germany, gives us his thoughts on this important topic, and some information about his method of addressing these issues.
We will also have with us Vivian Broughton from London, who has studied with Franz Ruppert for many years.
In addition to discussing this topic we want to have your thoughts and answer any question you have about "Exiting the bubble".

If you want to have more information before the webinar you can watch a lecture by Prof. Franz Ruppert.
And you can read the webblog by Vivian on the topic entitled utopia - an impossible dream?

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Yours Helge Max Jahns

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