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Webinar: 5 Myths Choc Connoisseurs Should Debunk

5 Myths Choc Connoisseurs Should Debunk

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» 5 Myths Chocolate Connoisseurs Should Debunk «

This webinar is a sneak peek behind the Masters of Chocolate Connoisseur training that Lyss delivers to master chefs and sommeliers around the world.

Masters of Chocolate Connoisseurship – excerpt
With BLYSS chocolate Bean Queen, Alyssa Jade McDonald
Free Webinar on 13. November 2012
8 pm European Central Time

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The back-story

You are the one who spends Saturday afternoon asking to see the secret shelves at your favourite wine store. You have visited vineyards, and you pride yourself on having (some) restraint not to quaff that great vintage you keep downstairs.

I celebrate you, because you find out what sort of barrelling in cognacs you prefer and go to great lengths to learn about what you like most. And you demand the best of it. Every time. You’re a connoisseur, an aficionado, a snob.

You’re going to love this webinar, because I’ve made it especially for you!

Chocolate is something we all think we know. However in the last 1.5 years I have been surprising sommeliers and other professional ‘noses’ with the depth and detailed tips and tricks for snobs to be able to really judge their favourite chocolate.

Like a wine maker who can tell you about the slope and terroir of his latest vintage, the same detailed idiosyncrasies are to be expected from chocolate makers. The first place to start, is to blow some myths out of the path.

What I love about connoisseurs like you, is that you don’t accept being tricked and want facts, truth and clarity. This webinar will arm you, a lifestyle lover, with the answers to key chocolate myths. And the best questions to ask your favourite chocolate maker when choosing your next gift, or dinner party recipe.


What you’ll learn in this webinar

- 5 key myths about chocolate

- 5 important questions to ask your favourite chocolate maker


Who should join this webinar?

- Those have an interest in food, and appreciate to understand the attributes which makes differences between sourcing and processing – aka wine buffs

- Those who pride themselves on making good ‘sense’ choices according their priorities (quality, or purity) and want to be ahead the gastro-scene

- Those who are allergic to advertising, and DO have an attention span that is longer than 20 seconds, demanding to be treated with the same respect and honour they give their own customers or network

- Those who do not accept being tricked and have little time for faffing about

The ‘greater universe’ of chocoholics who care about their bodies and earth, and already know the differences beyond dark and milk but need the next big story. Who are educated and informed about other areas of their life, and want to fill in the gaps on chocolate. Who, although might not have access to my chocolate, will ask better questions of their local chocolate maker, support the artisans who they will understand their work better of, and denounce the corporations who make people the sick with their unacceptable standards of stock-price-driven-decisions.


What to bring to the Webinar?

Bring a block or bag of your favourite chocolate, complete with the packaging information.

Also bring a glass of wine, because nothing goes better than talking about chocolate and enjoying your favourite drop.


About Alyssa Jade McDonald

After years of corporate life as manager for big corporations shattered her health, Lyss began looking for the best solutions for her stomach, environment, and community. She completed the Ironman world championships and threw a handful of naked cacao beans into the ocean off Kona and promised freedom to chocolate. In awe of the intense properties of cacao, she was determined to bring chocolate back to being the food of gods, and find a way to protect it. Three years of research and trial and error sessions in the kitchen eventually led to the science of turning cacao into high quality chocolate through the virgin process. She then lived in Ecuador to learn directly from generations of cacao experts from the Andean peaks to the dense Amazon. Facing guns and snakes, she befriended shamans and elders who shared their secrets of how to love the earth, while benefiting from her fruits, and sharing the bounty. BLYSS was born, Germany's first single bean virgin chocolate.

Today, specifically through Geo-political activities, and campaigning global food sovereignty, Lyss addresses diabetes in the middle east, and QoL in Ecuador, while bringing to market a gorgeous series of single bean virgin chocolate experiences from things to nibble, teas to drink and a body series to indulge in. The cacao products are the proof point, a Trojan horse, for the bigger picture of influencing, through molecular nutritional integrity, a better world.

Lyss is a story sharer; writing regular columns in pan-european press about connoisseurship, geo-politics and food sovereignty. She is the creator of the Masters of Chocolate Connoisseurship and regularly keynotes events about how innovation and responsibility are old-dated models, as the industrial revolution (innovation) and green economy (ethics) are standards to be demanded -but they are not unique anymore. She's identified two ways forward, but, you'll have to find her between the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans to find out what they are.


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