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Webinar: Impulse webinar: Intercultural competence

Impulse webinar: Intercultural competence

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Communication tools for practice

Your team is distributed to different countries and the only thing unifying all of you is a common project?
Then, for sure, you know the situation that your team permanently is in contact but tasks are standing alone next to each other instead of being linked. Communication takes place only to getting things done and the virtual colleagues dont feel like being a team. Additionally, cultural differences and the pressure to perform hinder the creation of trust and relations.
In this challenging context, our webinar shall be a practical and ready-to-apply impulse for effective communication and collaboration within intercultural teams.

We work with an interactive training method showing the differences between cultures. This way you receive valuable input for your personal work in intercultural contexts and you sharpen your intercultural sensitiveness and negotiation skills.

* You understand the influence of cultural backgrounds on a teams collaboration,
* you know how to integrate cultural characteristics of your co-workers,
* you extend your communications skills and technique and
* you learn to bridge the gap between cultural differences.

How youll profit from the webinar
You get practical input on how to create sustainable relations within intercultural teams and how to live the advantages of a virtual team culture in order to be more successful as a team.

Target group
* Leaders and members of multicultural teams looking for practical input for their daily work
* HR managers looking for effective impulses for their international project teams

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