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Identity - who am I? - by Franz Ruppert

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Franz Ruppert


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webinar from dec 3, 2015. Franz Ruppert spoke english only.
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Identity - who am I?
Why we urgently need the concept of Identity for effective Psychotherapy.
A lecture by Prof. Franz Ruppert about his newest developments. You can put questions which will be grouped together and answered live.
Franz Ruppert has developed a basic concept about Identity that can show why psychotherapy can work efficiently and why it sometimes doesn't have long lasting effects.
Ask yourself:
Who am I?
What do I want?
With whom do I want to live together?

Asking those questions about Identity, identification and one's own will are central for the life of every one of us.
How is it possible to gain a healthy Identity and a healthy will in order to stay in relationships in a healthy way?
What can make the development of a healthy Identity so difficult or even impossible? What impact does trauma have on this? What are the ways to overcome the splitting of our body and psyche that happens when it comes to trauma?

- Words and concepts
- Theories: Freud, Berne, Rogers, Watkins/Peichl
- brain research
- Development of "I" and "Self-Consciousness"
- Symbiotic necessities and desire for Autonomy
- Identity and Identification
- Identity, Identification and Trauma
- Basicx of Identity Therapy

The lecture will be recorded separately. You can order it on DVD, as Video on Demand or as Audio-CD on We start to ship it from 9th December.

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