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Webinar: Build your Memory Deck/Wish Deck (Lesson nine from "Live the life you love" by Barbara Sher. )

Build your Memory Deck/Wish Deck (Lesson nine from "Live the life you love" by Barbara Sher. )

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You´re almost ready to go after the life you love! From the past eight lessons you should have found out a lot about your dreams and wich techniques work best for you, and hopefully you started to build and use your Memory Deck a bit. But it isn´t quite complete. Your Memory Deck is like you travelling gear. When you climb a mountain, you need to make sure your ropes are in good condition. And when you embark on your journey to a life you love, you need to make sure that your Memory Deck is complete, because it could be your most important piece of equipment on this journey. Your Memory Deck was designed by you, and it should fit you perfect. Nothing you need should be missing - and that´s what we´ll work on in this lesson!

Good (but not nessesairy) to bring along: cards you already created, or notes from previous lessons, and some index cards (about 7x12 cm/3x5 inches) preferably in a colour you like.

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