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Webinar: Intro: Tradestation® Easy Language Strategy Development

Intro: Tradestation® Easy Language Strategy Development

In IT, Programmierung > Programmiersprachen

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Why we are doing this Webinar?

As a life long programmer, project manager and requirements engineer i saw a lot of people who have certain good ideas to realize, but havent the techniques or wider: methodologies to resolve their dreams.

My intention is to help these people to accomplish their ideas. As a trader you still must definitely decide, commit and resolve the trade with benefits.

This is the introduction to a series of 3 Tradestation webinars.

We show the basics of the Tradestation® Platform and explain how to build robust strategies and indicators with Tradestation® EasyLanguage and how they can be tested and operated.

This webinar will show you what you can expect from the further going, paid focus webinars and what results you can produce. With a little patience and guidance as well as the given templates and results, almost every simple strategy can be programmed, tested and operated.

This webinar prepares you for the focus webinar (

Every focus webinar ends up with a running, proven strategy. The developed strategies are given to you to import (download). The webinar is always recorded (download). The webinar series of 3 events improve the same strategy to perfection.

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The trainer:
Frank H. Ritz is a Tradestation® EasyLanguage specialist, developer and trader. He has coded a number of robust strategies, and has always traded stocks and futures using also automated TradeStation strategies. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering with more than 30 years of IT, engineering and management experience. He provides different webinars to teach on how to build robust trading systems with Tradestation® EasyLanguage.

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