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Webinar: Let's talk! Best combination of rhetoric & English

Let's talk! Best combination of rhetoric & English

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Hi there!

Is your next presentation in English or is there that meeting with that international customer?

Well then here is your chance.

Let's talk it through.

Join me for some great conversation and improve your:
- conversational skills
- small talk skills
- presentational skills
- meeting skills.

Where ever you need to speak English I can prep you.

This is what we do:
- sign up
- prepare your camera and microphone, we need to speak - both of us
- be on time
- let's talk.

We talk about everything and anything.
Don't be afraid of mistakes, everyone makes them even native speakers. So just feel confident and speak your mind - but do it in English.

Judith will be your host
Hi, this is me and I am a trained rhetorican and teacher for English from the University of Tübingen.

I have lived in Atlanta, GA for some time and some say I still have bit ot that Southern talk in my speech.

Honestley I love speaking English. It is our family language and my secret love. So come on and join me.

Let's talk it through and improve you English by speaking.

What you'll get!
- a chance to speak
- gentle feedback
- if you want - more exercises and training.

So please, sign up, there is only room for one - so you definitely will be speaking a lot.

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