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Webinar: my Ears and Eyes for Investors

my Ears and Eyes for Investors

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We ask for Investors, Organizations in the business as well searching for Sign Language Interpreters.

There are millions of hearing impaired and visually impaired people worldwide, relying on the help of others in different situations in their daily life.

Visually impaired people need help for instance when they are away alone (e.g. in a train station) and to read or hear information which visually is not available for them.

Deaf people normally rely on sign language interpreters in different places such as meetings, talking to a sale person in a shop etc. These interpreters need to be organized and booked in advance; to have this service spontaneously and readily available is rather difficult and currently non-existent in the market.

my Ears and Eyes (myE&E) develops an on-line service for visually and hearing impaired people, which will be available on-demand, independent of the users location, and with short response time. Qualified help persons (guides for visually impaired people, sign language interpreters for deaf people) can work location independent via internet, for instance from home.

The service provision will be organized on one platform, but in virtual service centers serving different language regions and national markets.
Having access to such a service will make qualified personal help available anywhere, anytime and efficiently, thus saving money and contributing to further integrate people with disabilities in the society.

Ears and Eyes on Demand provides a help. Take a short time, watch and listen.


If there are hearing impaired people registered, please let us know tor organize a sign translation interpreter.

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