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Webinar: Slow Sex - how to make love in a soul nourishing way

Slow Sex - how to make love in a soul nourishing way

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In this webinar we will tell you about our 18 month long experiment with Slow Sex (based on Diana Richardson's work, this is not about OM). It is a tale of a personal journey, enriched by explanations about the ideas behind slow sex and best practices. To give you a taste of the rewarding practice we will include some simple exercises.
While the idea of Slow Sex seems interesting to a lot of couples, many hesitate to embark on the journey because they are afraid sex might get boring or even pointless. When Yella started the journey in 2006 she encountered similar concerns about Slow Sex but quickly experienced a new soul nurturing dimensions, deep rewards in intimacy and a rich flow of male and female energy. When Yella and her husband Samuel started their own experiment they encountered numerous challenges and tackled their inner demons. Yella and Samuel will share their personal story, their insights, their best practices, invite for some exercises and will answer your intimate questions.

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