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Audio Settings

Sound problems usually occur when settings are not configured correctly on your computer. With the aid of the following instructions, you can fix the typical sound problems.:

You cannot hear the presenter?

  1. Please check if your headphones are connected properly or if your speakers are turned on. Headphones with a doubled plug can easily be connected wrong.
  2. Please take a look at our system check, there is the sound test section. If you do not hear any sound there, check the sound settings on your PC - from Windows XP on, the volume can be set separately for the browser. For this purpose please open the audio mixer (at the right bottom in the startup list) and adjust the volume for your browser.

Problem not solved? Then contact us, we're here to help.

The sound quality is bad? You only understand snatches?

  1. Check your bandwidth in the System Check. If this value is under 50, you have a bad Internet connection. A bad connection impairs the received audio signals so that you understand audio badly or snatchy.
  2. If you use WiFi, you can improve the bandwidth by using a cable.
  3. Contact your Internet provider

Problem not solved? Then contact us, we're here to help.

You are the presenter and your participants cannot hear you?

  1. The event must be started and your microphone has to be enabled by yourself, so that your participants can hear you. You can find the activation button for your microphone on the whiteboard at the bottom on the left side.
  2. Check the settings at the bottom on the right side, whether you have enabled the correct microphone.
  3. Note: If you use a MacBook, mind that it does not support every headset.

Problem not solved? Then contact us, we're here to help.

You hear an echo?

An echo is caused by speakers in most cases.

  1. All active participants should use a headset or headphones.
  2. If there are no headphones at hand, please turn the speakers down.
  3. In rare cases, a bad headset also causes echo. The headset for Apple iPhone, for example, does not shield input and output properly, so that an echo is still heard. In this case you should switch to another microphone.

Problem not solved? Then contact us, we're here to help.