Webinars are an indispensable part of modern office work and advanced education. Many companies also rely on it to train their employees quickly and cost-effectively regardless of location or simply hold a meeting.

In telephone and web conferences highly sensitive data is exchanged, which are not intended for external eyes and ears. The access and misuse of such information can mean a huge damage for the company.

Security and data protection have top priority at edudip. As a provider which offers webinar services commercially, edudipof course strictly obeys the statutory provisions, which are claimed in the so-called secrecy of telecommunications in article 10 of the Constitution, in the Telecommunications Act and the Federal Data Protection Act.


Legal context

The confidentiality and protection of data in the telecommunications are regulated by the Constitution, the Telecommunications Act and Data Protection Act.

Everyone who provides telecommunication services commercially or contributes to them, is obligated to safeguard the secrecy of telecommunications by the Telecommunications Act. The obligation does not only exist for the duration of the contractual relationship between the provider of the telecommunication services and the customer, but also beyond the term of contract.

edudip processes such data strictly in accordance to the statutory provisions, personal data will only be collected in an extent which is necessary for the provision of the service. This data will only be saved as long as it is necessary to achieve an intended purpose or the legislature requires it obligatory because of statutory provisions.

Handling of personal data on websites operated by edudip

On the websites operated by edudip, personal data which is necessary for the answering of requests or for the processing of online orders, is collected in different online forms. edudip only collects data which are strictly necessary to handle operation. All further information can be stated voluntarily. All processed data will always be treated confidentially and will solely be processed for the stated purpose. A transmission or passing on to third parties does not exist, unless this is necessary for the handling of the contractual relationship, if the user has entitled edudip to do so or due to statutory provisions from edudip.

Similarly, edudip proceeds with data which is collected in online based customer surveys or competitions. The participation in these surveys is always voluntarily and the related information is exclusively processed for the intended purpose and is handled confidentially.

A list of all cookies used can always be found at

The edudip GmbH, as well as their subcontractors pay attention to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and other applicable data protection legislation as the Telecommunications Act (TKG) or the Telemedia Act (TMG), in the provision of their services. Furthermore, all employees are obliged to the data secrecy according to § 5 BDSG and (where relevant) to the secrecy of telecommunications in accordance with § 88 TKG and will be informed upon recruitment.

Information security

Physical security

The relevant operating systems of the edudip GmbH are located in a certified and especially for the operation of IT infrastructure designed data center in Frankfurt. This data center is "ISO/IEC 27001"-certified.

edudip uses a further, especially for the operation of IT infrastructure concepted data processing centre in Amsterdam. There, no personal data is processed.

Securing of the working places

Application and network security

The relevant systems of the edudip GmbH are redundant. Moreover, all relevant data for business are secured periodically within a structured backup plan.

All client computers of the edudip GmbH are endowed with an anti-virus-software and communicate regularly with a central server.

edudip develops new or changes existing systems in a test network which is fully decoupled from the operating network.

Security of communication connections

edudip uses the most modern technic and standards for the securing of (tele)communication connections. By this, connection data is encoded and decoded by extremely strong algorithms.

Staff security

edudip's employees are recruited with particular regard to safety requirements. The assignment of authorizations only happens within an extent which is necessary for the perfomance of contractual duties.

Moreover, all the employees make a signed commitment to comply with the secrecy and data-protection provisions in a separate confidentiality agreement for the duration of their employment contract and beyond it.

A separated confidentiality agreement is also signed with externs who stay in the rooms of edudip or work with the systems.

Security options


All websites that are run by edudip (especially can be used online by authenticated customers in order to organise, control and manage their webinar conferences.

The portals are secured via an HTTPS connection and the data transfer takes place, if desired by the customer, with an TLS encryption (256bit).

Logging in on the portal is possible after the registration process exclusively with the right combination of email address and password. The assignment of the password is subject to special rules. The required policy counteracts the illegitimate deciphering of passwords effectively.

The moderator can change the settings for his webinars in the portal. For example, he can determine whether these are offered free or paid and manage the participants.

The moderator can download his recorded webinars in the portal as an MP4 file upon request.


Webinars are the ideal solution using the latest communication to allow group work and teaching across locations. The edudip GmbH makes it possible by default to hold webinars with up to 500 participants. Via the various collaboration features such as screen sharing, participants can exchange information, view it together and edit it online.

Webinars can be scheduled, booked and held on the websites operated by the edudip GmbH. To conduct a webinar, only a modern browser, as well as the installation of a Flash Player is necessary.

Business solution customers

In our business solution platforms it is possible to disable the use of all tracking tools. If you want to activate them please shortly inform our customer service who will arrange the activation for you.

If the deactivation is not successful the following tracking tools will be used on the website: DoubleClick, Google Analytics, Facebook login.

Data collection, processing or use of personal data are made only within the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA). In particular, all servers are within the EU or the EEA. A data collection, processing or use of personal data in third countries does not occur.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 27001
  • Software made in Germany
  • First class support in German
  • TLS - 256 Bit encrypted

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