Affiliate program

Connect knowledge and thereby earn money

Affiliate program

edudip is modern and easy designed: teachers and the curious ones from all around the world meet in the virtual classroom and can easily concentrate on the content of the webinar - because the technology is so easy to use. And you can earn money on edudip that easy and modern way, too.

How does the edudip affiliate program work?

You can promote edudip with your personal recommendation link for example via email, on blog websites or in social networks. Or you can advertise with a banner on your website. If your contact registers within 30 days after your recommendation, you will receive a commission of 20% of the revenue that this contact has produced on edudip by booking a first edudip premium package. The contact that registered on edudip via your link stays your partner even after the 30 days so that you still receive the 20% commission on his first premium package.

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How can I recommend edudip?

You have several options to recommend edudip to potential members, such as:

  • Send your personal recommendation link to your contacts by email
  • Use your personal recommendation link to advertise edudip on blog websites
  • Use a banner to advertise edudip on your website
  • Post your personal recommendation link on social network websites

How does the tracking work?

The tracking is done via cookies. Once a contact clicks on your personalised affiliate link the potential member is linked to you for 30 days. If the contact registers within this period you get 20% commission of the revenue that this contact generates by booking his first paid membership from the day of the registration.

When do I earn commission?

Your contact can be an online trainer or a participant on edudip. Online trainers can purchase additional functions by booking Premium packages, such as recording webinars, unlimited duration of seminars, the increase of storage space or more participants per webinar. You earn your commission when your contact books his first edudip Premium package.

When will I receive my commission?

If you have reached a total amount of the commission over 50,00 EUR on your edudip account, then this amount will be paid on your bank account. The payoffs are given at the end of the month.

Please note that commissions from the partner program can only be paid out if the respective accounts of the partners are balanced.

What are the requirements to participate in the partner program of edudip?

You only need to be a member on edudip. After a successful registration, you can immediately start to attract new members. The recuiting of oneself through a second user account is not permitted.

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