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1. General information

  • Registration for free

    For both participants, as well as for trainers, registering on the platform is free and without obligation. For the registration simply use the menu item "Register". Additionally you can register on the platform during the application for a webinar on detail pages of each event. Thus, you are registered for the event and can use your login data for all further visits on the platform.

  • The virtual classroom

    Adobe Flash Player has to be enabled for your microphone and camera in order to enter the virtual classroom. Please check the appropriate field.

    Point of view of participants

    Webinar room from participant's point of view

    Point of view of trainers

    Webinar room from trainer's point of view

    You will find more information about the features of the room here.

  • Marketplace

    All publicly offered events can be found on the Marketplace. You can first select a subject area of interest for you to go to the chronological listing of online seminars in this section. Select categories and subcategories to find the right webinar for you. Use the search to display matching online seminars, videos and trainers. You can also write messages to trainers to request a repetition of past online seminars.

    The Marketplace is the public sector, which is freely accessible to everyone. As a trainer you can place your webinars in the desired subject area to reach exactly your target audience that you would like to address. The marketplace is visible to everyone and the published webinars and videos can be visited or bought in the case of chargeable events by any registered user on the platform.

  • Technical requirements

    To participate in a live online seminar on edudip all you need is a computer, a current browser with Flash plugin, an Internet connection (recommended is a DSL line with at least 6000 kbit/s) and speakers. We recommend the use of the internet browsers "Mozilla Firefox" or "Google Chrome". As a trainer or an active participant, you need a headset and a webcam. With edudip you don't need to install additional software. For a smooth start, we recommend to make a System Check prior to the event to check your microphone, camera, Flash Player and bandwidth.

  • Flash Player Settings

    Flash Player settings for Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    At the Overview page of the provider you can determine your currently installed version of Flash Player. There you can also find a link to the download center where you can download the latest version of Flash Player for your operating system.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    There are two ways to enter the virtual classroom with Internet Explorer 10 in a Windows 8 system.

    You can start the Internet Explorer either in the desktop mode by clicking on the corresponding tile and subsequently open the Internet Explorer. Or you can open the Internet Explorer in the tile mode where you can select the setting "view on the desktop" under "settings" (symbol of a wrench) after entering the desired room.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    In addition, the Compatibility View must be turned on in the Internet Explorer 10. For that, click on the icon of the torn document in the address bar.

    Note: The Compatibility View must be turned on in the Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 7 as well.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    On the website of Adobe you will find another description of the procedure.


    Flash Player settings for Mac OS

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    At the Overview page of the provider you can determine your currently installed version of Flash Player. There you can also find a link to the download center where you can download the latest version of Flash Player for your operating system.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    There are some problems with the Adobe Flash Player in Mac OS X that also concern the virtual classroom.

    When you enter the virtual classroom, you will be asked for your permission using camera and microphone (Flash). But the buttons do not react on your mouse clicks with the current Flash Version.

    Hiding this note: Click the tab key until the close button is marked and press 'enter'. Now you can participate in the webinar, but you can't unlock your camera and you can not speak.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    Please follow these steps to enable the virtual classroom to connect with your camera & microphone:

    Search in the system settings for "Flash Player" and select the folder.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    In the tab "camera and microphone" click "settings for camera and microphone for website ..."

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    This will open a window. In the lower left corner, click the plus sign to add a website that is enabled to have access to your camera and microphone.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    In the line "website domain" enter and select below the field "Allow". From then on you can use your camera and microphone in the virtual classroom.


    Flash Player settings for Linux

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    At the Overview page of the provider you can determine your currently installed version of Flash Player. There you can also find a link to the download center where you can download the latest version of Flash Player for your operating system.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    For Linux users: the Flash player from Adobe still has some issues in Linux that affect the virtual classroom.

    To use the virtual classroom with Linux, manual adjustments must be made. These settings must be made on the Website of Macromedia.

    Flash Player settings tutorial

    After entering the website you see the Website Privacy Settings. Select in the list of websites and then click "always allow". You should then be able to participate in the webinars on

    If the website does not appear in your list, please open this demo room: Afterwards the website will appear on the list of website privacy settings and you can change the settings as described above.

  • Safari settings

    Security settings for Safari on Mac OS

    Safari settings tutorial

    If you have problems to enter the virtual classroom using Safari in Mac OS, you need to adjust the security settings of the browser. To do this, first go to and then open the "Preferences" of Safari.

    Safari settings tutorial

    In the settings you open the "Security" tab and click on "Manage Website Settings ..."

    Safari settings tutorial

    On the left side you can now select the "Adobe Flash Player", which is required for the virtual classroom. The address appears in this box since you have already opened the website.

    Safari settings tutorial

    Set the option "Allow" for so that the Flash Player can be used for the execution of the virtual classroom.

    Safari settings tutorial

    Furthermore, here you activate the "Run in unsafe mode" option. Thus, the Flash Player can be used for the execution of the virtual classroom.

    Safari settings tutorial

    A window appears in which you have to confirm your selection by clicking on "trust".

  • Change settings

    In your profile under "settings" you can configure various settings, such as change your displayed name in the virtual classroom, your time zone or your login data. Under the "Notifications" tab, select whether you want to receive our newsletter and edudip notifications by e-mail. To unsubscribe, click "No". If you wish to receive no emails from edudip at all, place a tick in the box "blacklist".

  • Privacy

    If you are logged in you can change your profile visibility in your "settings" and choose options from "Public" to "Anonymous" separately for the platform and the virtual classroom.

    Note: In the tab "Access" you also have the opportunity to determine your name in the virtual classroom.

  • Contacts

    As a logged in user you can send contact requests to other users. On the profile page or academy of a person you see the button "Add" for this purpose. If you are logged in, all added contacts are displayed under "Contacts". View and manage your network by sending messages, terminating a contact or blocking a person. One box for targeted searches for users is also included on this page.

  • Delete account

    When you are logged in, you can delete your profile in your "settings". Thus your data will be completely deleted from our database. If you have booked an edudip premium package or if have you ever received an invoice from us is not possible to delete the associated account.

    Attention: Restoring a deleted account incl. webinars, ratings etc. is not possible.


2. For Participants

  • Accept an invitation

    To attend a webinar for which you have been invited to first of all open the link in the invitation e-mail that leads you directly to the webinar. Afterwards please follow the instructions, "How do I register for a webinar?"

  • "How do I register for a webinar?"

    On the webinar page you click on the "Participate" button or the "Book" button in case of a paid webinar. If the online seminar is offered on several dates, select your preferred date on the left side and simply book here. If you have not yet done this, please log in or register now. You will then see an overview of your desired online seminar. Here you select the desired payment method in case of a paid webinar and enter your billing address and your payment data. Check the information and confirm the terms and conditions. Now click on "Book free/Book with costs" to book this online seminar bindingly.

    After you have successfully booked the webinar, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, in which the link to the webinar is provided. In addition, you will be shown the link to the booked webinar afterwards. Click on it to go directly to the webinar. Once your booking has been confirmed by the online trainer, you can enter the virtual classroom by clicking on "Enter" on the detail page of the webinar.

    Before entering the virtual classroom, you should remember to connect your headset or your speakers so you can listen to online trainer. We recommend that you undergo the System Check before you enter the webinar.

    A detailed, illustrated description of how to proceed when applying for a webinar can be found here.

  • Where are all my booked webinars displayed?

    In order to enter a booked webinar you can go to the webinar page either directly via the link in your confirmation email or in your e-mail reminder. You can also find all your booked webinars in your account on edudip. Log in on edudip to go to your personal start page. There you will find your next five booked online seminars, your watchlist, your scheduled webinars and your watched webinars. Go to the tab "My Courses" to view the whole list.

  • Videos/Recordings

    The organiser of a webinar decides whether a recording of the event is created. For participants in a webinar the associated recording is always free. For other users the trainer can determine a price. Under "videos" you find the full range of recordings, the newest ones are always at the top.

    As a participant, you will find the option to watch the related video on the detail page of the webinar. If you are logged in, you will see the button "Watch the video". By clicking on it you will be forwarded to the media box. On the right side all recordings of this event are listed with an option to play it. Once viewed, you will find the video on the Homepage under "Watched videos".

    When it comes to videos free of charge every user can simply click "Watch the video" to access the media box. For paid recordings, you must first complete the payment process before you can press the button.

    Note: Purchased videos are available online at any time. They are not sent to you by DVD or the like.

  • Download webinar documents

    Go to the detail page of the webinar via the link in your confirmation email or via your start page. There you will find different tabs including the tab "Files". This tab lists the files that the trainer provides for participants to download. With one click you can download the desired document.

  • Ratings

    If you are logged in, you will always see a bell icon in the top navigation bar. The orange box with a number shows you how many of your ratings for past booked webinars are still outstanding. By clicking on the bell you will see a list of these events. Please select here which webinar you would like to evaluate. In the form of 1-6 stars and a comment you can give your opinion. If you do not want to rate the webinar, simply click on "I do not want to rate it". You will not be reminded of the outstanding rating anymore.

    Once the webinar or the webinar series is completed, the rating option will be active for you for one week. If you do not rate the event within that time period, the evaluation option expires.

    After pushing the evaluation button, your rating is saved and shown on the event page and in the teacher's Academy.


3. For Online Trainers

  • Create & offer webinars

    For offering online seminars you only need to register. Click on the top menu bar on the button "Create Seminar" and enter the basic information about your event. You will be led through further steps of settings from presentations to the invitations after saving the basic information. These settings can be opened and changed later on.

    Note: Once a participant applies for your event, you can not change the date and not delete the event anymore.

    How to cancel a webinar nevertheless, see "Delete/cancel a webinar."

  • What should I consider before my first webinar?

    As the organiser you want to be well prepared for your online seminar. We recommend you to test if your system runs properly in advance to the event. With our System Check you can do this easily. We recommend at least a 6000 k/bits DSL line for optimal connection to the virtual classroom. Before your first public webinar, you should also create a private event first and test the room and its functions extensively with friends.

    If there are still difficulties, please contact our customer service team by phone +49 241 4004768-0 or by e-mail to

  • Marketplace activation

    To put your webinar on the public Marketplace, select the release type "Marketplace and academy". After an examination of edudip your event is enabled for the Marketplace.

    Webinars will not be enabled if

    • they violate our Terms and Conditions
    • if there are not at least 48 hours between identical webinars from a trainer
    • no event image is uploaded
    • the description is not sufficient
    • the seminar offer is not for a webinar that takes place in a virtual classroom on a platform operated by edudip
    • the accounting is realised without the edudip GmbH
    • a violation against of applicable law exists
    • the content and/or the description are offensive or inappropriate
    • the webinar has the purpose to sell/advertise something or is about MLM

    Please note that prior to the Marketplace activation all external links will be checked. In addition, it is checked if the appropriate category is selected for your webinar. Categories can not be changed after the activation for the Marketplace.

  • Difference between the edudip platform and edudip business

    Trainers on present themselves and their webinars in their own academy. In addition, they can place their events on the public Marketplace, where participants who are also registered on edudip can register for these webinars. Two different packages - edudip Basic and Pro - each contain different functionalities.

    In contrast, a edudip business solution is accessed through a special domain, eg Users who are already registered on edudip can register with the same login information on your platform and then switch easily in their own menu between the platforms. The edudip business solution offers many possibilities to adapt to your needs such as the setting of a design. The structure of the platform is the same as on, so that it is always on the cutting edge of technology.

    For more information and references please visit

    The prices for edudip business can be viewed here.

  • What does it cost to use the webinar platform?

    The registration on the platform is completely for free. In addition we offer a premium membership which provides additional functions for online trainers. Two different packages - Basic and Pro - include different ranges of functions. The costs of each webinar are determined by the trainer himself. If a seminar participant who registers newly on edudip or Sofengo is acquired through the affiliate or webinar link by a trainer, he keeps 95% of the webinar revenue, also of all future webinars. To cover costs for payment processing and invoicing we will retain only 5%. If a participant is acquired through the platform for his webinar, he retains 70% of the booking amount. However, the minimum fee per participant for paid webinars is 0.60 EUR. Free members cannot offer paid webinars.

    You will find a detailed overview of our prices and the additional features on our Pricing page.

  • Booking information

    Prices for package bookings are specified on the Pricing page including tax. Charges are calculated in Euro. For each package booking the sum over the entire period is due at the beginning.

    Our commission

    If you want to offer paid webinars, we take over the entire payment processing for you. If you acquire a seminar participant who registers newly on edudip or Sofengo through your affiliate or webinar link, you keep 95% of all revenue, also for all future webinar revenues. To cover costs for payment processing and invoicing we will retain only 5%. If a participant is acquired through the platform for your webinar, you retain 70% of the booking amount. However, the minimum fee per participant is 0.60 EUR.

    How can I cancel a booked package?

    If you wish to cancel a package, you can perform the cancellation online. Click on here on the appropriate link under the package information to get to the cancellation page. The current package can be cancelled up to 7 days before it ends. Monthly packages can be cancelled monthly, annual packages annually.

  • My current package

    Log in on edudip to go to your personal start page. There you will find in the left sidebar under your profile picture the information which package you have currently booked. Click on your current package to get to your membership page and to see how long this package is valid. You can also view your previous booked packages and your customer number here.

    Note: Packages always end at 12:01 am in the night of the expiration date.

  • Your own academy

    In contrast to the marketplace, the Academy is the individual area of a trainer, where only its own seminars, information, reviews, etc. are found. Here, participants can learn about future webinars and existing videos and send the trainer a message. By clicking the "Subscribe" button all new webinars from this Academy automatically appear in your watchlist.

    Styling your Academy

    Tutorial style your academy

    To design your Academy, just click on your Academy page in the right upper corner "Edit design settings".

    Tutorial style your academy

    You can specifiy a title for your Academy by typing some text in the field "Academy Title". After saving, the name appears left-aligned at the top of your Academy.

    Hint: You can keep this field empty and save some text for your Academy title in your background image. Then you can even design the text, e.g. with your favourite font.

    Tutorial style your academy

    Under the umbrella term "Structure" you can edit the colors of the single page panels. You can change the background color of the whole page and the Academy. Additionally, you can set the color of the boxes in the Academy as well as the frames.

    Tutorial style your academy

    To change the color of an item, click on the color field. A window will appear and the current color will be shown in a white framed circle.

    You can move the circle with your mouse to select the desired color. Next to the color field is a color bar with arrows at the right and the left side. If you move there arrow controllers, you can choose a color gamut (e.g. blue tones). Within the color area you select the color with the circle. Of course, you can also enter the color value (RGB, HSB or as hexadecimal code).

    Tutorial style your academy

    And the umbrella term "Text", you can set the colors for different text items. You can select different colors for headlines, links and the text within the boxes. How you select the colors is like in the fourth point.

    Tutorial style your academy

    Additionally to the color settings, you can also save a background image for your academy. Simply click "select file" and select an image you have saved on your computer. The image should be 990 px wide to fill the complete background of your academy. Smaller images will appear centered at the top of your academy. Bigger images will be cut.

    Tutorial style your academy

    At last, save your settings by clicking the "Save" button on the lower right.

  • Marketing

    Promote a webinar

    In the editing view of your online seminar, you can use different tools to promote your webinar under "Market". Among other things, here you will get the link that leads directly to the page of your event. You can directly tweet the link via this option and post it on Facebook and Xing. You can also embed your events with your personal embed code as a box in your own website to display all of your scheduled seminars. In addition, an integration of your webinars on Facebook is available for you. Click on the button "Install App" and select the desired fan page where subsequently all next webinars will be displayed.

    Note: The Facebook app can only be integrated into fan pages, not personal user accounts.

    Affiliate program

    All users who visit edudip for the first time and register through your link are automatically your partner. You receive 20% commission of every package that is booked by one of your affiliates.

    In the "partner" area of your menu you will find a link to the edudip homepage and one that leads directly to your academy. Both links can be used as affiliate links for recommendations. You may spread them across various social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Xing.

    You have the following options to integrate advertisement into your own website to win partners for edudip: different banners, icons and the slider widget with your future webinars. Through the widget you additionally promote your courses. All elements are clickable and place a so-called cookie in the browser of your potential partner automatically to assign the person to you as your partner. If the person is registered on edudip within 30 days after the click, you will receive a commission of 20% on all future booked packages.

    More information can be found here.

  • Invite participants

    As an online trainer you can send invitations to potential participants. In the editing view of your webinar you go to the "Invite" button first to select the address source. There you can find, for example, former participants from past seminars and invite your Facebook contacts with the aid of a Facebook Application. Even long e-mail lists in the form of a CSV file can be uploaded quickly via the CSV import. In addition, individual contacts can quickly be entered them manually. When importing CSV files, you should make sure that the file is encoded in UTF-8, which automatically is the case with the most popular spreadsheet programs.

    Note: The number of sent invitations is limited to 50 for free members, to 100 for basic members, to 300 for plus members and to 600 for pro members per day.

    Now that you have made ​​a selection from your contacts, you can "Edit invitation" to adjust the default text to your liking and save your own draft at any time. By clicking "Send" the invitations are sent to your selected contacts.

    Note: All expressions in braces such as Eventtitle (the title of your webinar) are automatically generated by the system and should not be removed.

  • Pro members who concluded their contract until 19th Feb 2015 find a direct link to the corresponding online seminar on top of their event pages. With these links it is possible to participate in your online course without registration on edudip: Before entering the virtual seminar room the person only states his first and last name in order to be better identified in the virtual classroom.

    Note: Please note that the direct link leads directly into the virtual classroom and the participants does not have to pay the set price for the event. He also does not benefit from other services of the platform such as an event reminder e-mail.

    With several dates, you should make sure that the direct link is only valid for the current date or the current series of events. The direct link for a rerun or a new series of events will be shown as soon as the old series has expired.

  • Offer recordings

    As a Plus or Pro member you can record your live online seminars. To do this, open the event manager of your webinar. There you can select under "recording" whether you want to record your event and set a price for your videos, if desired.

    After the webinar end the button "Watch the video" will appear on the event page, which leads you to the associated video in the media box . No recording is published by you, the trainer, at this point so that the button is displayed only for you. In the media box you see a list of all created recordings on the right side. Take advantage of more features here and add a title or delete videos. To download a video, click the gray arrow, whereupon an MP4 file is created. The conversion can take up to 48 hours and automatically adds a timeline to the video. After the conversion, you can find this function in the downloaded recording and in the media box . Once the video is available for download , you will be informed by e -mail. In the mediabox you can also select individual recordings to be publicly accessible. Only when you do this , the video can be seen by participants and other users.

    Note: However, you only want your participants to watch the recording, but the video should not appear on the Video marketplace? After the event, set the publication of the webinar as "private" and only your participants have access to the video.

    On each event page with an associated video the button "Watch the video" can be found after the publishing, which leads into the mediabox. Webinars are also marked with a video symbol in your academy to show users that a recording of the event exists.

  • Documents

    You can provide your participants with accompanying information. Simply upload your files when you create or edit a webinar. You can specify whether you want to select a document to be active or available for download. Active means that the file will be available for your presentation in the virtual classroom. Download means that your participants can download the file.

    Currently supported formats are Microsoft Office documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), OpenOffice Document (Impress, Calc, Draw, Writer), Adobe PDF, images and graphics. Animated PowerPoint files up to Microsoft Office 2007 are supported with the Pro package (contract concluded until 19th Feb 2015). To use this function, activate the checkbox "Convert animations".

    If you no longer intend to use an uploaded file, it can be easily removed by pressing the 'Delete' cross at the end of the relevant line.

  • Report ratings

    If you receive a rating from one participant that violates the Terms and Conditions, contains insults or is based on technical problems that were not caused by the trainer, you can click "Report evaluation" under the rating. The case will we checked by us and if necessary the rating will be deleted.

    Note: You also have the opportunity to comment on your ratings.

  • Screen Sharing

    With the screen sharing you can transfer your screen for your participants in the virtual classroom. If you activate the function by clicking on the screen icon, you can select "Desktop", "Windows" and "Applications" to seek out the source of the transmission.

    Screen sharing in Mac OS version 10.9 and upwards

    Screen sharing tutorial

    If you have problems to enter the virtual classroom using Safari in Mac OS, you need to adjust the security settings of the browser. To do this, first go to and then open the "Preferences" of Safari.

    Screen sharing tutorial

    Here you go on the tab "Privacy" and then select the menu item "Accessibility". Among the listed apps you should find "acaddin", the application that makes the screen sharing possible. If you do not find the name in the list, enter a first virtual classroom, for example, under, whereupon the Adobe Connect Plugin is installed on your confirmation. When you are finished with this step return to your system settings.

    To activate the app "acaddin", click the lock and enter your password.

    Screen sharing tutorial

    Now you can put a check for "accadin" to give the application permission to run the screen sharing.


    Sharing screen with a high resolution monitor

    If your monitor has a higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 pixels, this may affect the appearance of the screen sharing. In order to guarantee optimal screen sharing, either reduce the resolution of your monitor in the settings or use a second monitor with a lower resolution.

    In Windows, you can turn down the resolution in the Control Panel under "Display". In Mac OS, we recommend the free app "Display Menu" to easily and quickly change the resolution.

  • Series of events/repetition dates

    To create multiple dates for a webinar you must be a Premium member. In the settings of your webinar you can schedule more dates and repetiton dates or series of events in the tab "Dates".

    Would you like to add a date to the event series, for example, to divide the contents of the webinar topic into two parts? Then click on "Add date to the event series" and select the desired date and time for the appointment. If you want to offer your webinar at a different time with the same content, you create a repetition date or a new event series. Participants of your initial appointment are therefore not automatically registered for the new event series.

    Infographic dates
  • Consulting tool

    The consulting tool is available for Pro members who booked their package before the 22nd Feb 2014 to perform online consultations with a parallel telephone interview. Login first and go to the tab "Profile" and then on "My Consulting" to view the feature. After the activation, you will see the virtual consultation room. Your conversation partner needs from you only the URL and the data to enter the room.

    Note: As the main functions you can use the screen sharing and transferring your webcam in the consulting tool. Audio is not transmitted in the consulting room, so you need to communicate with your customers at the same time over the phone.

    Users with their own website can also integrate the consulting tool into the code of the page with the aid of the given Iframe and enter the consulting room there.

  • Determine a co-moderator

    You have two options to determine a co-moderator: First, you can select a person in the event manager of your webinar directly while setting up the webinar. He can enter the online seminar room before the start of the online seminar and has the same rights as the moderator from the beginning.

    On the other hand, you can spontaneously appoint a participant as co-modeartor during the live online seminar. To do this, go to the participants list and click on the "crown" of the person. Your new co-host now appears in the upper right window right next to you.

    Note: The recording of a webinar can be started only when the presenter is in the virtual classroom.

  • Participants list & CSV Download

    On the detail page of each webinar you find the tab "Participants" next to the tab "Description". Here you can see a list of all registered participants. With the edudip premium package, there is an icon to download a CSV file with information about e-mail address, connection time and length of stay of each participant in the virtual classroom.

    For the evaluation of the CSV files, we recommend our blogpost on this topic.

    Confirm participants manually

    Would you like to specify who is allowed to attend your webinars and who does not? In the event manager of your webinars you can specify whether all participants are automatically confirmed or whether they should be manually checked and confirmed by you. The applications can then be confirmed in the participants list on the event page. Please note that the manual confirmation is only possible for free webinars.

  • Payment processing of webinars

    We handle the complete payment processing with your participants and pay your fee minus our commission directly to your account. The payout shall be completed seven days after the completion of your event at the earliest.

  • Delete/cancel a webinar

    Webinars without registration of a participant can be deleted by you in the event manager of the webinar. Once a registration for the event is present, the webinar can not be cancelled by you. In this case, please inform your participants about the cancellation of the date and additionally inform us about it per e-mail at You violate our terms & conditions if you cancel the webinar without prior notice.

    For the cancellation of paid webinars we will charge a cancellation fee which can be found in our Terms and Conditions.


4. Business Solution

  • How do I get my own platform?

    You have the option to register with here and book your own platform. For any questions contact our customer service via e-mail to or call +49 241 4004768-0.

  • How do I create a webinar?

    You can create a webinar by clicking on “create seminar” in the upper menu. Now the event manager opens and you can fill in the settings of your webinar.

  • How can I delete a webinar?

    If there are no applications for your webinar, you can delete it by clicking on the button “delete” on the left side at the bottom of your event manager.

    Please note that webinars can only be deleted if there are no applications for it. Past seminars can only be deleted if this is a webinar for free or there were no applications. This is not possible for paid seminars because an invoice is created which refers to the webinar. If you do not want to show these webinars on your academy, you can set it as “private” in its settings.

  • Where do I find the administrator area?

    To get to your administrator area, you have to be logged in. Click on your name in the upper menu and a dropdown menu will open. Then click on “Administrator” and you will come to the settings of your platform.

  • How can I change the colour of my platform?

    Go to “design” under the menu item “configuration” in your administrator area. There you can set the colour of your platform by clicking on the colour field and move the white framed circle to the desired colour. Move the arrows next to the colour bar in the middle to select another hue. Another option is to fill in the colour value in the input box on the right side.

  • How can I upload a startpage image?

    To upload a logo, choose the menu item “design” under “configuration”. Click on the button “select image” to upload your logo. The optimum size for the image is 3840 x 2000 pixels. However, for most displays it is sufficient to use an image with a resolution of 1920 x 1000 pixels.

  • How can I upload a logo for my platform?

    To upload a logo, choose the menu item “design” under “configuration”. Click on the button “select image” to upload your logo. Best choose a picture with the size of 180 x 60 pixels in order to present it in the right way.

  • Where can I fill in my terms and conditions?

    You can fill in your terms and conditions when you choose the menu item “page content” under “configuration”. Select “terms and conditions” in the list and fill in the text for it in the description field. To finish the process, click on the button “save”.

  • How can I create a user?

    Click on “user” in the upper menu and then on “create” in the menu on the left side. Fill in the email address and as the case may be the salutation, first and last name in the text field(s) and then click on “Next”. Your user is now added successfully.

  • Can I delete a user?

    If you want to delete a user, go to the menu item “manage” under “user”. Choose the option “user search” to search a user. Another option is to look at the list of users that is shown under the text field. When you click on the red cross, the user is deleted.

  • What does it mean if my platform is “private”?

    When you set your platform as private, a registration is not possible at your platform because only you as an administrator can create users.

  • How can I set that users cannot register on my platform, but only I can create them as users?

    You can set in your configuration under “platform” that your “type of platform” is “private”.

  • How can I create a new category?

    To create a new category, you have to go to the menu item “categories” under “configuration”. If you want to create a new category, fill in the name of it in the description field and then click on “create”. Your new category now appears in the list under the description field.

    To create a new subcategory, you first have to click on the main-category in which the new subcategory will be created. In the next step, existing subcategories are shown. In the upper description field, you can fill in the title of your new subcategory. Click on “create” to finish the process.

  • How can I change the name of a category?

    You can change a category’s name by clicking on the pencil icon next to the category’s name. Now a description field appears in which you can fill in the new name. Click on “save” in order to take over the changes.

  • Can I change the order of my categories?

    If you want to change the order of your categories, click on the desired category and move it to the place you want to set it. Keep your mouse button pushed while moving it to the desired place.

  • How can I delete categories?

    You can delete categories by clicking on the dustbin icon on the left side of the name. Please note that categories can only be deleted if there are no webinars in it or in its subcategories.

  • What happens if I click on “Set back to edudip standard” under “Design”?

    If you click this button, your platform will be presented in edudip’s corporate design, which means that it will be shown in the green like the edudip platform.

  • How can I appoint a user as a moderator?

    To appoint a moderator, you need additional positions for moderators. Under the menu item “User” you can book additional positions on the left side.
    If you have enough positions, you can fill in the name or the email address of the desired person in the text field under “User” → “Manage”.

  • How can I delete a current moderator?

    If you want to delete a moderator, which means you take away his right to hold webinars, click on the red cross on the right side of the moderator’s name under “User” → “Manage” → “Moderators”.

  • How can I appoint an administrator?

    When you are under the menu item “User” → “Manage” and choose the option “Administrators”, you can fill in the name or the email address of your desired administrator in the text field.

  • How can I delete a person as an administrator?

    If you want to take away the right to be an administrator from a user, click on the red cross next to the person’s name when you are on the overview page of your administrators.

  • How can I cancel my package?

    If you want to cancel your, we need your cancellation in written form to:

    edudip GmbH
    Jülicher Straße 306
    52070 Aachen
    Fax: +49 241 4004768-9


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