The webinar room

Discover the diverse possibilities and countless functions that are available in the webinar room.

Presentation: The stage is yours!

Upload your documents and present your content online and in real time, irrespective of whether it consists of pictures and graphics or extensive PDF and PPT files. In addition, you can use the various drawing and text tools to creatively give it all you have got on the drawing surface or in your uploaded documents. Involve your participants, and share the whiteboard with them.

Screensharing: my screen is your screen!

Share individual applications or your entire desktop with your participants via high-resolution screen sharing. Screen sharing enables you to transmit your presentation materials live and simplifies the display of flexible content. Here you can choose whether you want to transfer the entire screen, an application window or just a single tab.

YouTube: play videos and music

Use a media mix for your webinars: Design them presentable and dynamic, and play YouTube videos or accompanying background music during your webinar. Use the opportunity to save selected YouTube videos and be able to import them quickly and conveniently from your list during the webinar.

Camera mode: lights, camera … action!

Introduce yourself and your co-moderators or unlocked participants optimally in the webinar room. Select the full screen camera mode, in order to display your camera picture in the aggregate view. Use the individual mode to be the focus of attention, or the tile mode to enable webcam transmission of up to 3 additional co-moderators.

Surveys: feedback shown as a pie chart

Create your own surveys to gather information from your participants or assess their knowledge and optionally publish them during the webinar. You can also use the survey tool to obtain feedback and the opinions of your participants. Create your surveys before the webinar starts so you can easily select them from your list during the webinar and share them with your participants.

Chat: overview

Use the private or public chat feature to communicate with your participants and receive quick feedback using the Raise Hand feature, available for participants to use. In addition, benefit from the opportunity to make the chat the main focus, by allowing it to be displayed on the full presentation screen. With an enlarged font and the multi-line input field, communicating with participants is one of the main priorities.

Mit edudip next stehen Ihnen neben den wichtigsten Grundfunktionen viele weitere Features zur Verfügung. Mehr über die einzelnen Funktionen erfahren Sie in diesen Hilfedokumenten:

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