The first dimension: The Baseline

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Anne Flesch

Fermentis Regional Sales Manager North America - West

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Kevin Lane

Fermentis Technical Sales Support Manager - Americas

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Bryan Kreiter

Fermentis Regional Sales Manager North America - Central

Webinars Cycle – Exploring the three dimensions of beer fermentation 

For many years we looked at fermentation like a mystery box: “the brewer makes the wort and yeast makes the beer”. In the last years, academic research and new findings have led us to reconsider that brewers are, in fact, yeast shepherds.

In this cycle of webinars, we will explore the differences between different brewer's yeast strains (first dimension), the interactions between yeast and process parameters (second dimension), and the interactions between yeast and ingredients (third dimension) — an innovative approach to comprehend the three dimensions of the fermentation to target specific aromatic compounds. 

The first dimension: The Baseline

In this session, we will reveal the main characteristics of yeasts that allow us to establish the differences between strains., For our entire range of yeasts, we will review and compare the kinetics of fermentation, degradation of sugars, residual sugars, resistance to alcohol, flocculation, sedimentation, and the expression of volatile compounds. All these parameters together make up our baseline, an essential tool to select the best strain according to the sensory expectations, performance, and particular demands of the operation. We will also discover what the POF + and diastatic strains are.