The last frontier: Production of "Hard seltzers".

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Kevin Lane

Fermentis Technical Sales Support Manager - Americas

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José Pizarro

Fermentis Regional Sales Manager North America - East

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Bryan Kreiter

Fermentis Regional Sales Manager North America - Central

Webinars Cycle – Exploring the three dimensions of beer fermentation 

For many years we looked at fermentation like a mystery box: “the brewer makes the wort and yeast makes the beer”. In the last years, academic research and new findings have led us to reconsider that brewers are, in fact, yeast shepherds.

In this cycle of webinars, we will explore the differences between different brewer's yeast strains (first dimension), the interactions between yeast and process parameters (second dimension), and the interactions between yeast and ingredients (third dimension) — an innovative approach to comprehend the three dimensions of the fermentation to target specific aromatic compounds. 

The last frontier: production of "hard seltzers"

The "hard seltzers" category is currently the fastest growing in the North American alcoholic beverage market. They are produced through the fermentation of simple sugars, generating a very neutral alcoholic base, which is finally flavored with essences of tropical fruits, citrus or berries. Consumers' preference for these drinks is based on their lower caloric content and high "drinkability". The biggest challenge in producing these beverages is fermenting nutrient-deficient, pure sugar solutions. In this seminar, we will present solutions to produce neutral alcoholic bases. We will approach strategies to conduct successful fermentation processes in less time and with greater efficiency, leading to products that are organoleptically clean and have high alcohol concentrations.