The Evolving Food-to-go Opportunity

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Benjamin Nothaft

The session is co-organized by Benjamin. He works with retailers and specialists across the globe on implementing modern hot food solutions. Here he will share some of the key success stories but also key factors to implement concepts.

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Gavin Rothwell

The session will be hosted by FFI founder Gavin Rothwell, an expert in food-to-go insights, who will share the latest trends he’s seeing in food-to-go evolution and some of the latest channel and format innovations from across Europe.

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Declan Ralph 

As Retail Development Director of BWG Foods, Declan Ralph is responsible for the successful implementation of the retail plan as part of the overall company strategy. He has a wealth of retail experience and has been involved in the development of many award winning stores.

Declan holds a BA (hons) Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism (First Class) from the University of Wolverhampton.

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The Evolving Food-to-go Opportunity

With the summer now past, we’ve entered a new phase, with schools having reopened, and, at least in some locations, more employees heading back to the office.

But elsewhere this return to the office looks to be more of a trickle than a flow. 

In a period of continuing change, this is a great opportunity to take stock, and look again at the food-to-go opportunity, and consider how it has evolved over recent months.

Our next webinar will do just that. In the company of Declan Ralph, Retail Development Director at BWG Foods, which you might better know as the operator of SPAR in Ireland, Gavin and Ben will talk through some of the key shifts they’ve seen as well as some of those factors, trends and opportunities that remain consistent in the food-to-go market.

Declan works with SPAR retailers, as well as those from MACE Londis and XL, across Ireland to help them grow their businesses and respond to the changing dynamics of the market, giving him great insights to share on how the opportunity is evolving. 

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