The Data Sushi Lessons

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Alexander Noack

Chief Executive Officer
b-plus technologies GmbH

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Adrian Bertl

Teamleader Product Marketing
b-plus technologies GmbH

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Robert Pletz

Teamleader Marketing & Communication
b-plus GmbH

Raw like sushi. How to handle automotive SENSOR RAW DATA and
refine it into a SPECIALITY

From February 9 to 10 2021, b-plus will be hosting The Data Sushi Lessons and provide you with webinars that examine the exquisite building blocks for development of autonomous driving and ADAS functionality. Just like in sushi, the individual ingredients and processing of measurement data have an enormous impact on the final product quality.

Prepare your virtual chopsticks: We fortunately don’t capture raw fish, but raw sensor data and refine it into a speciality. You will get a deep insight on how raw sensor data is captured, stored, processed, replayed and simulated to valid and significant test data.

In addition to processing, we also address the upstream and downstream process steps of raw data management: What is a robust fishing boat for catching and storing sushi, is the precise setup of test vehicles and modern fleet management for automotive raw data.

With our partners Bertrandt, Deutronic, IBM, Incenda,ai and Zukunft Mobility (ZF), we present a holistic picture - from specific solutions to insights and coherences behind the scenes for your ECU development.

You’ll learn all about new mobility, the latest technologies and learnings for automotive development in concise and easy to digest presentations, that you won’t get enough of.

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