The Advantages and Process of Egg Donation and Surrogacy in the U.S.

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Claudia Schmid


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Yishai Eliason

New England Fertility Institute


What is it like to build a family with the help of an egg donor and a gestational carrier (surrogate) in the United States?
Yishai Eliason will explain in detail the clinical process — from choosing and testing sperm sources to selection and screening of egg donors and surrogates.

Yishai Eliason will be joined by New England Fertility’s director of third party reproduction to talk about the clinic’s egg donor program, as well as an experienced surrogate who will talk about what it’s like to carry a baby for another family and address concerns you may have.

This webinar is intended to be both informative and reassuring for those who have concerns about creating a baby “across the miles.”

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