Pump facts: when to use plastic pumps

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Frank Pauly

MUNSCH Chemical Pumps

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Marius Schaub

SPA Moderator

March 25, 2021 Neil Williams

An excellent webinar that clearly explained the advantages of plastic pumps.

March 26, 2021 Georgi Terziev

Short, precise and clear

April 14, 2021 Van Nguyen

Very good presentation and contain useful knowledges.


Are you getting annoyed by corroding and worn-off pumps sometimes? Maybe we have some ideas for you how to deal with it. If you have some doubts about plastic being a suitable pump material – even better! We will talk about industrial applications where plastic pumps – sometimes unnoticed – write a success story, every day.

Topics of this webinar:

- Plastic pumps – about types and capabilities

- Do they follow industrial standards?

- How a centrifugal plastic pump is designed

- Selection of the right material

- Comparison with meta pumps

- Tips for decision making

- Success stories from the industries

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