Production and Packaging of Health and Nutrition Bars

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Your Subject Matter Experts:

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Josua Schwab

Product Manager Bar Packaging
Bosch Packaging Technology

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Joerg Hartwig

Sales & Engineering Bar Production
Bosch Packaging Technology

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Cornelia Harodt

Webinar Moderator
Marketing & Communications
Bosch Packaging Technology

Production and packaging of health and nutrition bars

The rapidly evolving market for health & nutrition bars entails a number of challenges for manufacturers. The webinar provides an overview of the various requirements in practice, and uses concrete examples to highlight the most important aspects of production and packaging for health & nutrition bars. In addition, it proposes a range of potential solutions with regard to technical implementation.

In the webinar we cover the following topics:

- Market overview and latest trends

- What challenges arise in terms of processing and packaging - for start-ups, medium-sized  
  enterprises and large companies?

- What technologies and solutions are available to help you to grow your business?

In addition, please feel free to download our whitepaper "Production and packaging of health bars", which is available in German and English on our website: