Pregnancy after 40-Advanced Reproductive Age-Questions-Techniques and Solutions

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Claudia Schmid

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MD, Professor, Medical Director Alla Kalugina

Scanfert Clinic


At this webinar, we will consider the main causes of fertility decline with age, factors affecting reproductive function and discuss treatment methods. After which, I will answer the questions you have during the webinar.

Today we will talk about a very important topic for a modern person - the opportunity to become parents at an advanced reproductive age. We all understand that the approach to motherhood today is different from what it was several decades ago. In the 19th century, a woman by the age of 35 had up to 10 children. By the age of 35, many women decide to become a mother for the first time.

Let's look at the relationship between a woman's age and her ability to become a mother. Discuss what methods of overcoming the problems of late reproductive age are offered by modern medicine, specifically at the Scanfert clinic.

Ovarian reserve is a very important concept in infertility treatment. It is defined as the total number of oocytes in the ovaries. Clinically more significant is the definition that ovarian reserve is the number of antral follicles in the ovaries which can give rise to dominant follicles when stimulated by exogenous gonadotropins.

We at the Russian-Finnish clinic Scanfert have extensive experience in treating infertility associated with advanced reproductive age. And our experience shows that treatment with donor oocytes gives excellent results. Depending on your situation, we can conduct a mixed program - with your and donor oocytes or a program with donors only. You decide which program is right for you in consultation with the doctor at a personal visit or online consultation. We understand that psychological acceptance of a donor program is not easy. Therefore, we consider all your wishes when selecting a donor so that the donor is matching you as closely as possible, has those qualities of character that are most important to you and has a similar social background.

I am sure that the information you receive will help you achieve your primary goal - a healthy baby is in your hands.

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