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Sales-Team Edudip


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Software made in Germany - compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union

All data is stored solely on servers based in Germany and is thus subejct to german data protection law. 

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No software installation - user friendly experience

No need to install any software, plug-ins or apps. Simply enter the webinar through your browser on almost every device.

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Webinar features for your BEST experience

Learn about the many ways you can use edudip next to to reach your clients!

Benefit from smart features, reliable technology and years of experience in webinars!

Looking for new ways of training your employees, advertising your services or coordinating with your office abroad? Look no further!

From small businesses to global leaders of the industry, webinars can help YOU succeed. Use webinars to help with your sales, your marketing, employee training or your HR-department and save time, money and ressources.

During this 45 minute webinar, we will show you edudip's main features as well as some insights in how to use edudip, to make the most out of your own webinars.

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