Introducing Sensorized Mechanical Seals – Smart Solutions Enabling Adaptive Predictive Maintenance

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Dipl. Ing. Harald Tobies

Expert for mechanical seals
METAX Kupplungs- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH

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Dipl.-Ing.-(FH) Lars Meisenbach

Expert for ultrasconic sensors
BestSens AG

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Marius Schaub

SPA Moderator

March 25, 2021 Robin Strickling

Sehr ausführlich für die kürze. Freue mich auf zukünftige Webinare

March 26, 2021 Georgi Terziev

Short, precise and clear

April 14, 2021 Van Nguyen

Very good presentation and contain useful knowledges.


Learn more about one of the most relevant innovations in sealing technology that leads one step ahead - the first field-proven, sensorized mechanical seal. Mechanical seals are the industry standard for sealing rotating shafts in pumps. Seal damage leads to costly production downtime that can be avoided.

More and more big brands are already involved in projects realizing Industry 4.0. Evolve your business through theses industrial changes which provide opportunities for big and smaller companies alike.

Your learnings and benefits in this webinar:

- Introduction into mechanical seal operation and failure causes

- Unique insights into the BestSens patented ultrasonic technology for mechanical seal monitoring

- Information on how to gain a competitive advantage by using sensorized mechanical seals

- Knowhow that helps to extend the service life of your pumps

- Identification of potential cost savings

Combined competencies - METAX' industry knowledge from over 30 years of specialization in mechanical sealing technology, closely interlinked with the innovative sensor solutions of the BestSens ensure maximum transparency and reliability through the monitoring of your industrial pumps. The close cooperation of METAX Kupplungs- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH and BestSens AG resulted in a solution, which every pump manufacturer and operator needs to know about if they want to be successfull in the market environment of Industry 4.0.

Don´t miss the opportunity to strengthen your market position.

We make your mechanical seals smart!

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