Industry 4.0 & Augmented Reality: Convergence of the Digital and Physical Worlds

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Dr. Christian Liedtke

Principal Consultant, KUKA

Before joining KUKA in 2017, Christian Liedtke spent ten years in production and plant management and five years in a management position in consulting. His industry expertise covers mechanical and plant engineering as well as the automotive, aerospace & defense and electronics industries.

At KUKA, Liedtke advises customers on production optimization using Industry 4.0 and is also responsible for supporting the design and implementation of the strategy for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). This includes marketing, presales and the development of new sales channels and alliances.

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Andreas Haizmann

Senior Product Manager, TeamViewer 

Andreas Haizmann is Senior Product Manager for TeamViewer’s new Augmented Reality solution. Previously he was responsible for all mobile platforms, solutions, and apps where he introduced the Mobile Device Support product, mobile to mobile connections, and the first-to-market iOS screen sharing solution. 

Prior to joining TeamViewer, Andreas studied International Business at Reutlingen University after a professional education as computer specialist.


Industry 4.0 & Augmented Reality: Convergence of the Digital and Physical Worlds

This webinar hosted together with leading industrial robots and factory automation manufacturer -KUKA, is designed to be a virtual 90 minutes conference including a moderated panel discussion.

What you’ll learn:

-  The fundamental idea behind what has been called Industry 4.0 and how new technologies     
    like Augmented Reality is optimizing and bringing value to several industrial sectors

-  Reduction of machine downtime and increasing return on investment (ROI) with augmented   

-  Case studies on transforming shop-floor with industry 4.0 and AR technology


11:00 - 11:30     Dr. Christian Liedtke, Principal Consultant, KUKA

11:30 - 12:00     Andreas Haizmann, Senior Product Manager, TeamViewer

12:00 - 12:30     Panel Discussion
                            Moderated by Mirko Ross, Tech Evangelist, IoT and Cybersecurity expert