Hygienic pumps for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries – Customized solutions with a wide range of benefits and opportunities for your production area

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Rainer Gozzer

Business Field Manager Food & Pharmaceuticals
NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

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Marius Schaub

SPA Moderator
Star Pump Alliance

March 25, 2021 Robin Strickling

Sehr ausführlich für die kürze. Freue mich auf zukünftige Webinare

March 26, 2021 Georgi Terziev

Short, precise and clear

April 14, 2021 Van Nguyen

Very good presentation and contain useful knowledges.

What to expect at this webinar

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, there are various media, such as honey, chocolate or insulin, with a challenging consistency. Some of these media are particularly shear-sensitive or have a very high viscosity, making the conveying process very demanding. Since product safety is the user's top priority, any contamination must be excluded, and safe cleaning must be ensured. „In food processing, the production of cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industry, in particular, we have to take special care about the consumer. This, of course, means that all of our pumps are made according to the nationally and internationally relevant manufacturing and hygiene standards and guidelines“, says Rainer Gozzer, Business Field Manager Food & Pharmaceuticals at NETZSCH.

In addition to the NEMO® progressing cavity pump and the TORNADO® rotary lobe pump, NETZSCH has now added another model to its product portfolio for the hygienic sector: the NOTOS® hygienic Twin screw pump. The expansion of the product range opens up even more qualitative new possibilities for your manufacturing processes in a wide variety of application. Using these pumps, Rainer Gozzer will explain everything relevant to the area and use of hygienic pumps to you.

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