CSM Xplained: The Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System

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Tom Doerr

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Director, Business Development and Marketing

The Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System

Note: 10 am (PDT) / 1 pm (EDT) / 7 pm (CEDT)

For the comprehensive analysis and testing of electric vehicles, physical parameters from numerous sources (HV and low-voltage environment) must be acquired and analyzed. A precise evaluation of the data is only possible through the synchronous acquisition of the data. In addition, the design of such a measurement system should be conceivably simple and precisely tailored to the measurement task.

- How can various physical parameters (such as acceleration, strain, flow, humidity, and many more) measured with fast or slow signals and HV-safe or conventional?

- How can measurement data from additional sources, such as vehicle buses and ECUs, be integrated?

- How can the synchronicity of the measurements be ensured?

- How can such a measurement system be set up for measurements in the test bench or in road tests?

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