edudip next webinar API Automate your webinar management and offer your participants an even better webinar experience.

With the edudip next webinar API you can:

  • Create and plan webinars
  • Integrate webinars into your application or website
  • Implement participant registrations
  • Manage moderators

What is an API?

API - display

An API is a programming interface that can be used to ‘remotely control’ software. For instance, the API allows edudip next to connect to your calendar, meaning that every time a scheduled date is created, a webinar is automatically scheduled in edudip next. Another example of an application would be integrating the registration of webinar participants via your website. Or would you like to display all currently scheduled webinars automatically on your website? This also is possible via the edudip next API.

Easy to integrate

The edudip next webinar API is based on easy to follow HTTP requests. The API therefore can be integrated into any modern CMS (e.g. Wordpress, Contao) or an individually programmed software. Our detailed API documentation serves as a guide for the integration of all systems.

Modern technology

The API is based on the open REST industry standard and the HTTP protocol. In this way, the API can easily be used with any conventional HTTP client and any programming language. All API responses return JSON-encoded objects. Our reference implementation provides the option to transparently convert these responses into PHP objects and conveniently continues processing them further.

Find out more about the possibilities of the edudip next Webinar API in our case studies.

All information about the API as a PDF file

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