GDPR – Yes we can!

Since May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has essentially required transparency with regard on how companies handle customer data. With edudip, we are pleased to offer a tool that complies with these new strict regulations and makes it easy for you to comply with the legal requirements.

Opt-in feature

To use your participants’ data, for example for a newsletter subscription, you need their consent. To obtain this consent, you can insert a checkbox on your registration form on the webinar landing page that allows participants to opt-in to receive the newsletter. After the participants have registered, you have the option to contact those specific customers and to use an external newsletter tool to compare them with those who have consented to receive the newsletter.

We use our own cookies as well as cookies from third parties in order to optimally design and personalise our website & advertisements to improve your online user experience. A cookie banner on the site allows each user, you and your customers, to decide whether they want to share their information with us anonymously in this way. No means no – if you do not agree, no cookies will be installed and no data will be collected.

All data can be deleted

As a customer, you have the right to obtain detailed information about your data and may also request it to be deleted. edudip next offers the best prerequisites to comply with the GDPR via your webinar software. Your own data and your participants’ data can be completely and independently deleted from our system via the team and participant management functions.

Trained in data privacy

All our employees are trained in the topic of data privacy once a year. The security and privacy of your data is not only completely ensured by the webinar software, but also by our expert handling of your data.

Security made in Germany

Edudip has been successfully offering webinar solutions since 2010 and has of course been at the forefront of security and European data protection since then. The company can look back on years of experience - edudip has already won countless customers and several thousands of webinars and recordings have already been created with the webinar software. Many customers rely on the unique selling proposition of the German server, because the entire solution from edudip is developed, supported and hosted in European data centres exclusively in Germany.

Security during webinars

Conducting a webinar also always automatically involves dealing with highly sensitive personal data. This includes your own data as the organiser as well as your participants’ data, which they enter when registering for the webinar.

We assure our customers that security and data privacy are our top priority at edudip. As a provider of business webinar services, it is clear that edudip strictly complies with the statutory regulations stipulated in the ‘privacy of telecommunications’ provisions in Section 10 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (Grundgesetz), the German Telecommunications Act (TKG), and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

In addition, all connections are made via a secure HTTPS connection and 256-bit TLS data encryption, thus meeting the highest security standards – which you can always rely on. Your personal data and your participants’ data are absolutely secure at edudip.

Data on German servers

Our high security and data privacy standards are reflected in all aspects of data privacy at edudip next. All data stored via edudip next – including your own data and the data of your participants – are stored exclusively in computing centres in Germany.

Customer service and support

The extensive range of customer service and support we offer our customers is another key advantage you can count on at edudip – you won’t just be forwarded to some person sitting in another country, instead, you can depend on your designated personal contact person. Our in-house customer service team speaks English and our customer service is distinguished by short lines of communication and efficient decision-making processes. This lets us respond optimally to your request as quickly as possible.

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