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Beim Thema Fort- und Weiterbildung hält sich das Bild vom starren Frontalunterricht und langatmigen Vorträgen in verstaubten Lehrräumen selbst nach Einzug der Digitalisierung noch hartnäckig in den Köpfen vieler Menschen. Der Frontal- und Präsenzunterricht in seiner ausschließlichen Lehrform gehört jedoch gerade in der Erwachsenenbildung bereits seit einiger Zeit der Vergangenheit an. Immer beliebter werden hingegen Mischformen oder auch der komplette Verzicht auf traditionelle Unterrichtsformen. Für ein innovatives, lehrreiches und interaktives Lernerlebnis eignen sich Webinare als E-Learning Format und Alternative zum Präsenzunterricht besonders gut, findet auch die SchiLf Akademie.

The SchiLf Akademie is a division of AAP Lehrerwelt GmbH, to which the leading publishers for teaching materials Auer, Persen and AOL-Verlag belong. AAP is part of the Klett Group and has been offering in-school teacher training courses under the SchiLf Akademie brand for many years. The Academy's seminars offer direct solutions and individual advice for everyday school life. Technically well-founded, it is ideally linked to the specific requirements of schools and takes into account the dynamics of the entire staff.

Website of the SchiLf Academy

The advanced training courses offered by the SchiLf Academy have so far mostly been limited to one advanced training day. Accordingly, it turned out to be difficult to deepen the training content learned and to anchor it sustainably. In order to be able to support schools and teachers in the long term, the idea was to include webinars in the range of seminars. The aim was to make the training courses more sustainable and thus more effective. At the same time, the advantages of webinars of conveying content in a flexible, time-saving and location-independent manner should be consciously used to enable schools to offer the respective courses at significantly lower prices than face-to-face seminars.

When getting to know the webinar format, it turned out that this is not only complementary, but also an interesting offering format on its own, for which the SchiLf Academy can generate sufficient demand from its customers. Accordingly, the company currently uses webinars mainly for short training units.

With HTML5 for the best webinar experience

Before the SchiLf Academy discovered edudip next as a webinar provider, it was already using webinar software from other companies, which were based on Adobe Flash Player. In view of the imminent shutdown, but above all because of the often unstable connections and weaknesses when it came to image and sound quality, the company was looking for webinar software based on HTML5. The fact that the Flash Player is being blocked more and more frequently for schools, school management offices and authorities and that customers were therefore often unable to use the webinar offer made a change of the webinar software imperative.

It is important for us that the software is intuitive to use, is suitable for use in large groups and has an interface. 
Andreas Fleischmann - Teamleitung SchiLf Akademie
Andreas Fleischmann
Teamleitung SchiLf Akademie

The decision for edudip next was not only based on the HTML5 webinar room, but also on the simplicity of the software and the fact that it can be used both internally and externally. For the SchiLf Academy it was particularly important that the software is suitable for use by large groups, that it can be operated intuitively in both the front and the back end, and that the web shop and the merchandise management system can be connected via an interface.

The edudip next Webinar API

With the edudip next webinar API, the SchiLf Academy has the option of seamlessly integrating its webinars into its website and offering its participants a thoroughly individual webinar experience. Thanks to the established interface, many processes, such as generating and sending personalized links for attending a webinar, can also be automated.

For the configuration of the interface, the SchiLf Academy relies on an external IT service provider to map the company's individual requirements and to set up the connection to the various systems.

Webinars - the alternative to face-to-face appointments

The SchiLf Akademie webinars are chargeable and, depending on the topic, very popular. Registration is via the SchiLf Academy website. The mostly "open" webinars are offered on a specific topic with a suitable expert and are advertised both online and offline. By sending out flyers and program posters by mail, the SchiLf Academy informs their customers about the range of courses and also advertises the events via its newsletter and the various social media channels.

The structure of the webinars is kept relatively simple due to the often very large number of participants: After a brief welcome from the SchiLf Academy, an expert gives a talk on the respective topic for about 60 minutes before a 30-minute moderated question and answer session concludes the webinar. A wide variety of tools in the webinar room are used, but the slide presentation, the ability to play YouTube videos and the chat are primarily used.

In addition to its own telephone support for participants, the SchiLf Academy provides its experts with webcams, headsets and, if required, mobile lighting sets. The company also has a separate room where the webinars can be held. In order to ensure a uniform presentation of the course content, the experts receive a PowerPoint template, which is then internally edited and formatted.

Well on track

The SchiLf Academy regards the inclusion of webinars in its advanced training offer as a supplement to its portfolio of advanced training formats in order to increase the sustainability of the advanced training content. In addition, the company would like to use webinars in order to be able to offer a more cost-effective further education offer compared to face-to-face events and to address individual teachers instead of entire school groups. Basically, the SchiLf Academy sees webinars as an independent, lucrative business model, which is to be expanded vigorously in the future, both with more pointed topics and by initiating cooperation.

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