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We take the protection of your and your client’s data serious

   Made & hosted in Germany
   Headquarter in Germany
   Servers located in Germany
   No obligation to disclose data
   No resale of data for advertising purposes

There are differences when it comes to security

When webinars, meetings and online trainings are held, it always means dealing with highly sensitive personal data. Many providers promise high data security and advertise data protection. Unfortunately, it often does not correspond to reality. Quite the opposite: numerous authorities even warn against using known US video communication solutions.

There are several criteria that are relevant for data protection:

Company headquarters

If the company is based in a country, it is subject to the local political regulations. For example, US companies are subject to the Patriot Act, which can oblige companies to hand over all data. In the case of webinars this would include all data of participants.

Location of servers

The regional security standards apply to the server location; this can be compared with the general inspection of cars, for example, which differs depending on the registration location. If the servers are located in Germany, the security requirements are much higher.

External service providers

Many companies contract external support teams. For these services data disclosure is mandatory. On top of that, the same criteria in terms of company headquarters and server location apply to external service providers. With an in-house support team, data remains permanently in the company.

Data processing and data selling

User data can be evaluated, processed and sold for advertising purposes. By using the corresponding software, customers agree to this process. At edudip, your data is protected to the maximum extent and is not shared or sold to third parties at any time.

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We take care of your data

   Headquarters in Germany
   Servers located in Germany
   Inhouse support
   No data processing
   No data selling

What our customers say about us

We use edudip next as a virtual stage to offer our workshops to a worldwide fan base. Our customers are enthusiastic about the online events. This is evidenced by the very good ratings, which are regularly in the 6-star range thanks to the evaluation tool provided by edudip next.

— Dorothee Thommes, Projekt Manager Training & Qualification at Hueber Verlag

We use edudip next for our customer training courses as well as for internal training courses for our sales team and the back office. The handling of edudip next is almost self-explanatory. We have had very good experiences with the support. If you really have a problem, competent employees are there very fast to provide advice and assistance.

— Ingo Sanft, Seminar Speaker at Gebr. Kemper GmbH + Co. KG

Do you have questions about our security mechanisms?

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