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The edudip Team at LEARNTEC 2019

Our mission

edudip offers consumers and businesses the best webinar experience.

Our vision

In the future, online seminars (webinars) will supplement existing work processes or even completely replace them. Companies will use webinars to both digitalise and optimise their processes. This will make webinars an indispensable part of the working world. The webinar software with the best experience factor will be the preferred choice. edudip next will be exactly that webinar software.

In short: edudip will advance the digitalisation of business processes and have a lasting impact.

Our culture

Our corporate culture is an expression of our values and serves as a guideline for proper conduct and integrity towards colleagues, customers and business partners. It makes us unique. Our competition may copy parts of edudip, such as the appearance of our marketplace or the webinar room, but what cannot be copied are our team members, our culture and our unwavering desire to change and evolve.

Our values

Our values help us focus on our mission to deliver the best webinar experience for consumers and businesses. They include the basic principles that guide our thoughts and actions. We embody these values, they shape us and unite us together as a team.


Personal integrity is the alignment of personal values with your own actions and also with preceding thoughts. This includes not pretending (to yourself and to others) or professing something else.

Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Integrity is the courage to make the right decisions and accept the consequences. It is the basis of trust and assures others that you are reliable and, conversely, that others can rely on you.

Honesty (+WOW effect)

Create open and honest relationships through communication

It is the basis of a common unity. Without honesty, trust cannot be built or maintained. By this, we also mean being honest to yourself, to admit your own faults, mistakes and flaws and to work on them.


  • Our strength is our personality. That’s why we want to strengthen relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners by
    • being open and honest
    • acting with integrity and responsibility
    • Not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them (WOW effect)
  • Always striving to immediately clarify and resolve matters (issues, problems, annoyance, anger, etc.) directly with the persons concerned.
  • In the case of major issues and/or complex matters that require explanation, we prefer a face-to-face conversation instead of an e-mail or Skype message.

Ask yourself:

  • How much do others like to work with you?
  • How can I improve existing relationships?
  • How can I communicate more openly and honestly?
  • How can I establish new relationships?
  • Am I free of bias and prejudice towards others? Do I address them directly?

Loyalty – Create a positive teamplay: one for all, all for one

Loyalty means sharing and embodying the values (and ideology) of the other in the interest of a common higher goal, or embodying them even if they are not fully shared, provided it serves to preserve the common higher goal. In short, loyalty describes the faithful and legal behaviour of a person or a group of persons of a designated or attending authority. (Appreciation and esteem)

A person is loyal if he or she unreservedly respects a (usually higher) authority, another person or a group, or protects and defends them in public. The person’s own values do not necessarily have to be completely compatible with the values of this other authority, person or group.


  • We treat colleagues, customers and partners with respect and fairness and treat them exactly as we would like to be treated!
  • We do not support or tolerate any malicious remarks, bashing or gossip.
  • Be attuned to changes in the work atmosphere or work environment and encourage colleagues to discuss any concerns with you

Ask yourself:

  • How do I encourage teamwork?
  • Do I encourage teamplay even outside of my own team?
  • How do I encourage others to take more initiative and responsibility?


„Distrust is a sign of weakness.“ Mahatma Gandhi

Trust is the belief that you can rely on someone (or yourself = self-confidence) or something. In addition, trust is also the firm belief in a relatively certain or presumed dependability, ability and/or virtue.

Trust is regarded as having confidence in the above expectations, the extent of which is usually influenced by previous experience.


We put our full trust in every new team colleague right from the start (‘leap of faith’) and he/she is allowed to develop at their own pace

We trust in us and our colleagues

Warning signs of a lack/absence of trust:

  • „He should do something and prove himself first before he’s allowed to have any say here.“


Specific tasks, certain positions are bound by the obligation to ensure that – within a defined framework – everything proceeds as well as possible, that the necessary and correct steps are taken, and that as far as possible no harm is done. But they also carry the obligation to stand up for something that has happened and take responsibility for it.

Warning signs of a lack of responsibility

  • „I’m not in charge of that, someone else can deal with it“
  • „I can’t (won’t) help you with that!“
  • Please also pay attention to warning signs that indicate there is too much responsibility, i.e. overload. If a team member has too many responsibilities, they run the risk of overworking themselves in the medium or long term.


Freedom is a state in which an individual can choose (decide) for herself between several options and alternatives without any external and internal restraints. It is the basis for creativity and the ‘leap of faith’ needed for loyalty.

edudip gives everyone maximum freedom when it comes to working hours, holidays, opinions and development opportunities.

Passion and creativity

„Withhout passion, there is no genius.“ Theodor Mommsen

A state of extreme and compelling emotional affection towards a thing or person, where in this context, we want to devote ourselves solely to a passion for a thing. Passion is the prerequisite for creativity and satisfaction, because it enables us to do what we love.


  • Be creative, willing to take risks and be open-minded (unbiased)

Ask yourself:

  • Am I afraid of making mistakes?
  • Is my work creative?
  • What creative work can I contribute?
  • Do I take an open-minded, unbiased approach to tasks and challenges?

Using Kaizen to Achieve the Goal of #bethebestyou

Be open to change

Kaizen is a Japanese term and is composed of ‘Kai’ = change, transformation, and ‘Zen’ = for the better. It refers to the continuous improvement of activities, processes, workflows, procedures and products by all employees of a company.

KAIZEN helps us to achieve our mission.

To ensure that edudip can always guarantee ‘the best webinar experience’, the different areas (spheres) at our company have to continuously improve (KAIZEN). In detail, this means, among other things:

  • Easy to use, both for organisers and participants, has the highest priority and is continuously optimised [product]
  • We always utilise the latest, modern technologies and carefully develop our products to avoid errors and failures [development]
  • We offer participants and users convenient and secure payment processing [development, accounting]
  • We continuously optimise the advising and training of our online trainers [trainer management, support]
  • We continuously strive to offer our customers, i.e. online trainers, participants and companies, the best support [support]
  • The best marketing of the webinar software [marketing]
  • Providing the best assistance and advice for new customers [sales]

We achieve these improvements by continuously reviewing and analysing current operations, activities, processes, workflows, procedures and products AND through targeted further education and training measures.

As a continuing education and training company, we encourage and insist on personal and professional growth. The aim is to prevent team members from staying at the same skill level for years and not being replaced later by new, more experienced employees, as is common practice in other companies.

We focus on long-term teamplay and support each individual in their personal and professional development. To facilitate this, we offer the option to participate in seminars, courses and workshops or to buy books. This topic will be further elaborated on in the coming months.

Warning sign of an absence/lack of readiness for further development:

  • „We’ve always done it this way, there’s no need to change anything“

Sustainable success and relevance

There is no shortcut to sustainable success. We know that we have to go all the extra miles to attain our shared long-term objective. In all our decisions, we consider whether they are consistent with our values and goals, especially in the long term.

Fun and enjoyment

Everyone should have fun and enjoy themselves, including customers and business partners.

Ask yourself:

  • How much do I enjoy and have fun at my work and what can I do to enjoy it more? ?
  • What can I do to help my colleagues have fun and enjoy their work more?
  • What can we do to be a little more ‘off the wall’ and stand out from others?

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