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06. October 2021
06.10.2021 Updates
Webinar & meeting room
  • Bugfix: Editing and saving roles in the team management area is possible again.
  • Bugfix: New fonts on the landing page will now be saved correctly. edudip presentation is also available for download in English now.
  • Bugfix: It is possible to reset the password again on the englisch website
  • Bugfix: A message appears when the webinar is fully booked
  • The contact information shows up in a new design.
  • Adjustments to the registration form for the free trial.
  • Bugfix: English can be activated again under the available languages ​​in the dashboard.
  • Beta label for meetings has been removed. Optimisation of the recording feature
  • Invoices are issued for Switzerland with the correct VAT rate.
  • New blog post "Our new help center"
14. September 2021
14.09.2021 Updates
Webinar & meeting room
  • Recording optimisations.
  • In the case of multiple choice surveys, the number of votes is no longer displayed, but the number of participants.
  • Issue with a Chrome pop-up obscuring the moderator feed has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Capital letters in links are no longer automatically changed in the chat area.
  • Bugfix: Preview of the webinar landing page is displayed correctly again.
  • Bugfix: German telephone dial-in works correctly again.
  • Bugfix: Value added tax is displayed and billed correctly again on invoices from EU customers with a VAT identification number.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect participant lists and attendance times.
  • Bugfix: Fix of an incorrect link on the price page.
  • Bugfix: Recordings from January 12th, 2021 can be downloaded correctly again.
  • Bugfix: The login mask of the meeting room is displayed correctly in English.
  • Missing translations have been added.
  • Co-moderators are no longer counted as participants.
  • Optimised presentation of longer registration forms on the webinar landing page.
  • Performance optimisations
07. July 2021
Updates vom 07.07.2021
Webinar & meeting room
  • Paid webinars: Users of paid webinars have the option to create multiple participant credits at once.
  • Paid webinars: A disclaimer notice has been added.
  • Paid webinars bugfix: Incorrect email addresses can now be changed in the booking process.
  • Paid webinars bugfix: Note and taxation relating to the small business regulation is now correctly displayed in the invoice.
  • Online consultations with the sales department can now be booked on
  • edudip has a new help centre
  • Bugfix: On the webinar landing page, the text can now be displayed in italics with a click on the corresponding button.
  • After the end of a meeting or webinar, a feedback form appears, which gives the owner of the webinar or meeting the opportunity to rate the software tool.
  • Meeting appointments can be deleted now.
  • Bugfix: Invisible YouTube videos are visible again for all participants and in the recordings.
  • The information and dial-in data for the telephone dial-in (V2 infrastructure) will not be sent anymore.
  • Bugfix: The moderator buttons in the dashboard and webinar dashboard were linked correctly.
  • Bugfix: It is no longer possible to create appointments in the past.
  • Bugfix: The link in English rating emails now leads to the rating option.
  • The visibility of the recordings in the account can be restricted using a new setting option.
  • Bugfix: Alternative appointments are no longer created as series appointments.
  • New information option through info box in the customer dashboard.
  • Bugfix: Error message for invalid videos is displayed again.
  • Bugfix: Youtube links that contain an underscore work again.
  • Survey participants will see a notification when multiple responses are possible.
  • Blocked participants are reactivated by ending a webinar and can participate again after a restart.

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14. June 2021
14.06.2021 Updates
Webinar & meeting room
  • Loading time of reporting page optimised
  • In case of registration forms for individual webinars that are connected via the API, the values of the query fields added afterwards are now also an output.
  • In the URL of your meeting you can now read “meeting” instead of “webinar”.
  • Optimisation of the setting “Automated deletion of participant data”.
  • In case of webinars with several alternative dates, the next date is no longer preselected.
  • Missing translations are now displayed correctly. -Bugfix: Administrators can now see all of their team members' webinars in the webinar overview again.
  • Bugfix: The “Recipient” selection field in the webinar room no longer skips to “All participants” when any participant leaves, enters or reloads the room.
  • Bugfix: Double or deactivated screen sharing has been fixed.
  • The maximum number of messages allowed in the chat has been limited to 1000 characters.
  • Survey results are now rounded to the second decimal number to ensure more accurate results.
  • Video quality optimised
  • Optimisation of internal logging / monitoring systems in order to ensure a faster response time in the event of malfunction.
19. May 2021
19.05.2021 Updates
Webinar & meeting room
  • Improved error messages in the webinar and meeting room. For example, a suitable error message is displayed if the maximum number of participants has been reached or no more free presenter seats are available
  • Individual registration fields in the webinar registertation form can now be read via the public API
  • Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances switching from German to English in the email automations does not work
  • Speed of the website improved, especially for the login area and the webinar landing page
  • Empty chat messages containing only spaces are filtered out in the chat and are no longer displayed
  • Added a setting for automated deletion of old participant data (e.g. from participant management) after 7, 31, 92, 184, or 366 days

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