edudip next API

Automate your webinar management:
quick, easy & efficient.

   Easy integration into your systems
   Significant reduction of administrative efforts
   Highest security standards (GDPR)

Full control, minimized effort

The edudip next webinar API offers you the full flexibility to seamlessly integrate our webinar software in your website, CMS or LMS. This way, all the different threads come together in your system: User and event data are in one central location, events can be planned using just one system, and follow-up work can be carried out with little effort.

With edudip next API you can

   Easily integrate webinars into your website, CMS or LMS
   Implement participant registrations
   Create and plan webinars
   Manage moderators

Modern technology

The API is based on the open REST industry standard and the HTTP protocol. In this way, the API can easily be used with any conventional HTTP client and any programming language. All API responses return JSON-encoded objects. Our reference implementation provides the option to transparently convert these responses into PHP objects and conveniently continues processing them further.

Highest security standards (GDPR)

All API requests and responses are encrypted using SSL SHA-256 and are therefore protected against access by third parties. API tokens are used for authentication, which can be reissued and withdrawn at any time. This offers you maximum flexibility and the highest security standards at the same time.

Learn more about how Interhyp AG reduces administrative efforts with edudip next’s API


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