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Benefit from smart features, reliable technology and advanced webinar experiences. Optimise your corporate profile, enhance or deepen your communication and increase both your reach and your efficiency! The edudip next complete solution lets you reach your target group with an excellent webinar experience.

Whether for small businesses, medium-sized companies, large corporations, educational institutions or SaaS companies, the possible applications for webinars are as diverse as they are promising. Use webinars for your sales, marketing or HR department and save time, cost & effort!

Key Features –
included in every Subscription

Compatible with all end devices

Regardless of whether you use Smart Phone, Talet, Laptop or Computer take the opportunity of participating webinars using any device.

Easy registration process
The simple registration form ensures quick and easy webinar access for you and your participants.
Software made in Germany
All personal data is stored exclusively on German servers and is thus subject to European data protection (GDPR-compliant).
Browser-based – no installation required
There is no need to install any software or plug-ins – as moderator and participant you can simply enter the webinar room via your browser.
In-house customer
Our In-house customer service team is committed to finding an individual solution for you and your company.
Individual participant management

Easy and straightforward organisation & management of your contacts thanks to the convenient participant management feature.

Customisable landing page
Impress potential participants with images or videos and individually coloured landing pages of your webinar offers.
Everything at a glance: On your dashboard, you can see the latest events such as your upcoming webinars, newest registrations & current statistics.
Automated e-mails
Design and edit the content of the emails exactly the way you want them. Send them to your participants automatically.
Appointment management
Set the dates for your webinar or series of courses and give your participants the opportunity to select their preferred date if several dates are offered.
Unlimited webinar duration
Focus on the content of your webinar and don’t worry about the duration of the event. The sky’s the limit here.
Have your webinars recorded in highest quality, then make them available to your participants or download them as MP4 files.
Webinar follow-up
View the chat history and results of your surveys after your webinar has ended and use these valuable results for analytical purposes.
Use the evaluations as feedback and also to optimally present yourself. Give participants a first impression of the range of topics covered by your webinars.
English webinars
Create English webinars and benefit from both the webinar landing page and the associated e-mails for participants being displayed.
Links to newsletter services
Use the link to CleverReach and Klick-Tipp to compare your contact lists with your newsletter subscriber lists.
Double opt-in on your landing page
The simple double opt-in feature on your landing page gives participants the option to subscribe to your GDPR-compliant newsletter.

Webinar room features for the best webinar experience

Modern technologies
Benefit from the latest technologies such as HTML5 and WebRTC and start your webinar without prior installation of any software or plugins.
Slide presentations
Transmit your presentation, whether images and graphics or large PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files, online and in real time.
Screen sharing
Share individual applications or your entire desktop with your participants via high-resolution screen sharing.
Survey tool
Create your own surveys to gather information, opinions or knowledge from your participants and optionally publish them in the webinar room.
YouTube videos
Use a media mix for your webinars: make them attractive, interesting and dynamic while including YouTube videos in your presentation.
Video and sound transmission
Guaranteed server resources ensure crystal clear & stable audio and video transmission during the webinar.
Camera mode
Optimally present yourself and up to 3 co-moderators in the webinar room by having yourself displayed larger with the camera mode.
Chat & hand signals
Use the private or public chat feature to communicate with your participants and receive quick feedback via hand signals, available for participants to use.
Active participants
Have your participants broadcast with picture and sound to create a dynamic exchange.

Advanced functions that make up edudip next

Choose the option to easily designate 3 additional moderators for your webinar and work as a team.
Team management
Quickly & easily add additional moderators and users and work as a team.
Team management plus
Give your team members additional company-typical roles (e.g. marketing or accounting) and assign them different rights. Available starting from edudip next 500.
Benefit from reports in form of statistics & diagrams and obtain information about the number of visitors in your webinar andon your landing page, but also registration rates for your webinars and other data.
edudip next webinar API

Integrate your webinars seamlessly into your website or application to offer your participants an individual webinar experience.

Telephone dial-in
Use the possibility to activate the telephone dial-in for your webinars to enable your participants to participate in the webinar via telephone. Available from edudip next 100.

Convince yourself and test edudip next now for 14 days free of charge.

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