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Based in Aachen, edudip GmbH was founded in 2010 and is the first port of call for successful webinar and meeting software. With the further development of our edudip next software, we have been providing an easy, user-friendly and secure form of digital communication and training for more than 10 years now. Thanks to the versatile ways our software can be used, we help companies, public authorities and institutions achieve digitalized, optimized processes and more efficient working methods.

We are not a faceless corporation, but a start-up that has grown from the ground up and maintains close personal relationships with its customers. We rely on the latest technology and are constantly evolving and developing software to offer our customers an outstanding webinar and meeting experience. Our customers’ data protection is particularly important to us!

Our vision

In the future, online seminars (webinars) will supplement existing work processes or even completely replace them. Companies will use webinars to both digitalise and optimise their processes. This will make webinars an indispensable part of the working world. The webinar software with the best experience factor will be the preferred choice. edudip next will be exactly that webinar software.

In short: edudip will advance the digitalisation of business processes and have a lasting impact.

Our mission

edudip next facilitates the online communication of companies today and in the future. With our software, we accompany companies on their journey into the digital age and optimize their processes. Our solution should be usable by everyone, therefore simplicity and security are the center of our solution.

Our culture

Our corporate culture is an expression of our values and serves as a guideline for proper conduct and integrity towards colleagues, customers and business partners. It makes us unique. Our competition may copy parts of edudip, such as the appearance of our marketplace or the webinar room, but what cannot be copied are our team members, our culture and our unwavering desire to change and evolve.
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edudip GmbH
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