DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer


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DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer

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Helmut Prechel

Biozym Scientific GmbH

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Andrew Jones

DeNovix Inc.

The Only All-In-One Microvolume and Cuvette Absorbance with Fluorescence Design

With the DS-11 FX+ you can equip your lab for today’s quantification requirements and for future assay challenges. Combine the ease of use, wide dynamic range and contamination information of UV-Vis with the enhanced sensitivity and analyte-specific quantification of fluorescence for total sample quality control.

The choice of microvolume and cuvette absorbance plus fluorescence methods delivers unmatched flexibility and dynamic range. Coupled with the DeNovix dsDNA quantification assays, a range of 0.5 pg/µL – 37500 ng/µL can be rapidly measured.